Saturday, September 30, 2006

hi world :

its good to be back after ages!

to be honest, i got inspired by vipul's newly created blog ( to check out and see if my blog i'd created ages ago (in the days of my youth) was still available. well it was still available (which surprised me) and there were still no comments or visitors (which didn't surprise me).

i have noble intentions of posting on a regular basis and building up a fan club of mythical proportions. my first challenge is to to get it to increase it from the current count of one! (i am my biggest fan)

while we are on the subject of being our own fans, have you noticed how we tend to go very easy on ourselves when it comes to problems/shortcomings/faux pas/etc? most of us have this amazing capacity to pat ourselves on our oft-patted backs for things that go well around us. but at the same time we also always manage to find fault with some person/place/animal/thing when things don't go exactly the way we wanted it to. even on those rare occasions when we are blaming ourselves, we tend to take pity on ourselves and have a solid reason why we messed it up in the first place.

you might say that you are one of those extremely rare breeds who tends to always blame yourself when things go wrong around us. even when there is a sudden thunderstorm which messes up our dinner plans at some newly opened eating place you always wanted to visit. well, if you think about it, even here you will be able to trace an extremely high sense of self-worth. we take comfort in taking blame for all the problems around us. it gives us a sense of identity and purpose. in fact you might even firmly believe that the planetary positions in your horoscope were responsible for the freak thunderstorm. (so what if about a few million poor souls also got affected by the same thunderstorm, you firmly believe you, or your 'bad luck' caused it!).

but if you look at yourself carefully and honestly there's only one irrefutable conclusion that you would arrive at - you and only you are responsible for the situation you are in, no matter what the situation!

think about that!


The hObBiT said...

hari om gp :) u haven't realised how many fans u have ......our chyk class is full of them :D

ur blog makes for a very interesting n entertaining read..... didn't know much about this side of u :)

now i feel like i know u better

Anonymous said...

dear Guru,

glad to read all about you. I liked the point you made about the 3 questions in munna bhai and also the kerala bengal connection.

Radhakrishnan Pillai