Tuesday, April 29, 2008

measured speech

she chooses her words carefully
and steps over this tricky terrain,
like one would walk barefoot
across a glass-strewn floor.

she wouldn't want him to quote her
out of context or read between the lines
or misinterpret her words for
the declaration of some undying love!

and he watches her with an amused look,
as she fumbles as she tries
to mouth the words she doesn't believe in.
but her eyes give the game away!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

pause for eternity!

what is it about you
that makes me
swing across the spectrum thus?
sometimes i grin idiotically
and then sometimes i'm
working myself into a frenzy.

you seem within arm's reach
and yet the chasm seems
too wide for me to span.
and like a caged beast
i pace tirelessly, waiting,
for the gate to be opened
by you.

you clasp the key to freedom
tightly in your palm,
moist with the knowledge
of the power of the choice.
but you know better than to
unleash this caged beast.

and yet you move closer
inspite of yourself,
driven by the faith you harbour,
that the beast without is but
a reflection of the one within.
and by freeing one, the other
would lose its ferocity!

you take a deep breath,
reach out,
and then pause
for eternity....

Monday, April 07, 2008

waiting for the rains

the air is muggy
and a tiny rivulet of sweat
finds its way down my back.

i can smell the approaching rains
as dark clouds speed
across the heavens.

the parched earth within me
thirsts for the cloudburst.
its been a long drought
after the week-long flood.

you had saved me
from drowning then.
now i wait for you
to quench my thirst.