Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ratan is about to see the light

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Today, we're taking the fight directly to Ratan Tata.
Here's how you can join.
Dear friend,

Your campaign to protect the highly-endangered Olive Ridley Turtles is finally showing results.

As of this morning, over 70,000 Tata customers just like you have written to Ratan Tata, telling him the destructive port in Orissa must stop.

Over the past three days and nights, Greenpeace activists have taken your messages directly to Tata in Mumbai, and used high-powered projectors to display them on Tata offices.

Turtles projectionMeanwhile, every day, seven new blogs mention their support for this campaign. And the media is taking note of all this. As are Tata's partners.

In a big blow to the project, banking giant BNP Paribas has said -- following an independent assessment of the Dhamra port's environmental impacts -- that it's no longer thinking about financing it.

This is fantastic work, and proof that your efforts are working.

But it's not the end. Later today, for every message you send us, Greenpeace activists will personally deliver a lit candle to Ratan Tata.

There are 70,000 Tata customers that want the port to stop. We're hoping to light a candle on behalf of each of them, so Ratan can feel the heat of public pressure, and see the light of common sense.

Seventy thousand candles for the Olive Ridley Turtles. Click here to light yours.

Ashish Fernandes
Greenpeace Campigner for the Oceans

You're reading this email because you want the Tata port relocated. If for any reason you want the turtles relocated instead, we can understand. Just click here to unsubscribe.

If you have issues, questions or comments, click here to write to us.

Monday, May 19, 2008

secret doors!

she walked in and opened a door,
a door which i never knew existed
deep in the recesses of my mind,
and a fragrant breeze wafted in.

i walked through and found
a whole new world
wainting out there for me
to explore, and i went forth.

and as i went deeper, it kept leading
even further, and i don't know how far it'll go.
all i know is that
i'm going all the way to the end!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hibernating blogger

its been ages since i last posted!

actually thats not true... i've been posting... but not the regular posts. i've been going through a poetry phase! its been ages since this bug last bit :)

and i've been posting some of them on the blog.

but i have not been emailing my usual mailing list about these postings. don't ask me why!

but some people have been able to track these poems and have been commenting. while most expressed surprise at my poetic inclinations, others were appreciative.

but the most common underlying vein among most people who commented was what i found quite hilarious!

to quote some of them, there must be 'something in the air'. some wondered 'what was up?'
well i guess its not a 'normal' thing to do. but if try explain too much here they will also say that 'i doth protest too much'!

so i think i should just respond with a straight face and say that the poetry bug was in the air :P

you could check them out in the blog yourself. comments and brickbats are welcome.

i hope to resume my regular blogging soon.

adios till then :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

the endless dance

it was a full moon night
and the gopis danced with abandon
swirling and laughing and clapping
their hands in unison,
while their feet tapped to the rhythm.

and each gopi could see him
right next to her and dancing only with her,
giving her all his attention
while she danced with abandon
drunk with the joy of the moment!

in my mind each day
each thought dances with abandon
swirling and laughing and moving
ever forward, smoothly synchronised with
the myriad other thoughts of the day.

and each thought is in a trance
and swirls like a dervish possessed.
nothing else appeals to my mind
other than thoughts focused on you
and i dance, drunk with the joy of the dance!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

personal pilgrimage

i climb nineteen steps
to reach my personal sanctum,
and there i take refuge in you
and shut out the world outside.

you calm the storm raging within
and drive away the fears haunting me,
and then the glowing embers ignite
and in that fire i behold your form!

this is a pilgrimage i would
make as often as i possibly could,
but i have to wait for the auspicious times
when your gates open for me to enter!