Thursday, March 26, 2009

someday maybe - a reprise

hmmm... someday maybe, she said!

someday maybe
i'll be able to open
myself up to you
and give of me fully!

someday maybe
i'll be able to walk
this thin treacherous line
and come across to you!

someday maybe
you'll understand
that i love you
but can't lie down beside you!

another year? another age?
or another lifetime maybe?
but i want you here and now!
can't you see i'm burning here?

hmmm... someday maybe, she said.
and smiled wistfully!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

someday maybe

hmmm... someday maybe, she said.

someday maybe
i'll be able to understand,
why life throws a curve ball
at you when you are looking away.

someday maybe
i might understand,
why love creeps in on you
unnoticed, and knocks you senseless.

someday maybe
i'll understand,
why the centre of the universe
shifted from within me into you.

and today when
she walked into my life
and into my arms,
understanding suddenly dawned on me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

a math and movie evening

its been ages since i last blogged! and i have no clue why i had stopped... but i definitely have a compelling reason for writing here today... i have no clue whether this means i will be back to writing more posts now! :P

no prizes for guessing what could be the compelling reason... the big boss actually asked me the other day why i had not blogged for so long!!!
and there was one specific event which thought i would blog about... so here it is!

i saw this obscure announcement in the newspaper about a lecture titled 'history of numbers' by bill casselman who is a professor of mathematics at the university or british columbia.

now its not so much about the lecture, which in itself was quite interesting, that i wanted to write about. (the lecture was about the 9000 year history of numbers!)

what we found more fascinating was the motley bunch of 50-odd people who had assembled in a small lecture hall at the y.b. chavan auditorium in mumbai.

there were a few school & college students, (some of who were clearly brought there much against their wishes by their enthusiastic parents), academicians, maths enthusiasts and some curious souls like yours truly! there was even one white-haired & bearded elderly gentleman who could easily pass of as an eccentric genius! :P

this is when we both realised that there exists a completely different world in cities like mumbai, far removed from the daily hustle and bustle and the frantic tracking of the stock index... a world which sighs when they see a picture of an ancient clay tablet with some scribblings on it, a world which takes pride in being able to decipher a set of hieroglyphs and finds immense satisfaction that the ancient babylonians knew how to add up a series of numbers to the base of 6!

it was with this humbling feeling that we waked out into a muggy evening and decided to take in a movie... and that's how i came about to watch 'the curious case of banjamin button' which is worth a watch just for the amazing kate blanchett... the ladies might like to feast their eyes upon brad pitt, but i think i'll just pass! :)

this magical mystery tour

i'm on this magical mystery tour.
i've visited some fascinating places
and had some wonderful experiences,
with you by my side.

each day seems like a dream
and i'm filled with awe and wonder
as i take in the rare sights
and breathe in deeply your presence
which fills my senses completely.

but on some days i don't see you
and notice that you've taken off
on a solitary winding path
all by yourself.

but i fret unnecessarily
i only need to look ahead
and see that the path you've taken
finally joins back the road i'm on!