Tuesday, September 11, 2007

losing and finding things!

i am sure this doesn't happen with any one of you, at least not in such a chronic fashion.

i just can't seem to find things when i need them. and this problem seems to run in the family. this includes my wife and the kids. no, i don't mean i can't find them. they too seem to be afflicted with this strange ailment. my wife and i are still not decided which side of the family this problem seems to have originated from!

we lose things on a daily basis. to the extent that i am convinced that there is a group of people in our neighborhood (hopefully women) who seem to be interested in filching my underwear! apart from my towels, pens, papers, cds, etc. (i have many single socks - either the left or the right one!)

i have this knack of losing things i was carrying a minute ago. try beat that!

and then occasionally i get worked up enough to organise things better so that i can trace things better. this usually means that our bedroom looks like a typhoon hit it. and then things are very well-organised for a few days. but that still doesn't help. i still can't find my stuff because i don't seem to remember the logic behind the organisation. so then i decided to try keep things in safe places. i gave that up when i realised that the places i kept things away were so safe i couldn't remember where they were.

and now my kids seem to be carrying on this great family tradition and doing a damn good job of it. my daughter hides her brother's things (and sometimes our stuff too) just to bug him and then promptly forgets where she hid them! and she's cool as cucumber while we are going round the bend and turning the house upside-down trying to guess where she would have hidden the specific object we desperately need at that moment.

but we do find many of the things we lose. we found our car registration papers recently. just as soon as we had organised the duplicates!!!


bindu said...

there is a g8 saying in malayalam
"kuntham koyal kodathilum therayanum"

i guess it means if u loose a stick u should even search in the pot

guru pl. correct if i'm wrong

~nm said...

My hubby is sure there's someone in the house who just takes away his Hankerchiefs! :D

~nm said...

My hubby is sure there's someone in the house who is after his Hankerchiefs! :D

And most of the times they pop out from his trousers after few days!

Anonymous said...

Splendid introspection!! Ha ha! Let me assure you, it may not be a chronic problem with me and my hubby, but it sure is acute! Well I am the worse of the two... I'm so completely absent minded that there have been times when my instincts tell me that i haven't lost the one thing i'm frantically looking for, yet my monkey mind seems to convince me otherwise by creating temporary memory logic of the last time and place where i might have seen the belonging.

Like there was this one time, when i offered to pay the petrol bill at a fuel station and took my wallet out of the bag and kept it on my lap. Later after collecting the bill and the customer slip, i forgot all about the wallet. When we reached home and I opened my bag to take a call on my cell, I realise that the wallet isn't in it!!!
I hunt everywhere, including under the seats etc and everywhere possible. My mind makes me remember that my wallet had been on my hubby's seat while he waited outside for the fuel to be filled. I promptly, without any doubt or guilt concluded that he may have by mistake slipped it out while sitting. Lovely! We went back to the fuel station, but of course it wouldn't have helped. I called up my bank guys and blocked all of my 8 debit and credit cards as well as filed an FIR with the nearest police station since my PAN card, my PRESS Card et al were also in it. Next morning when my hubby was cleaning the interiors of the car, he removed a flannel cloth from under the gear box and lo!!! there lay my wallet. I couldn't curse myself enough, but was more than happy to get back my press and PAN card.

Then there was this time when because of sheer absent mindedness my hubby kept the phone cover in the refrigerator with milk packets and curd and was hunting wildly for it elsewhere... he was especially upset since that cover had been a gift to him from me (Tee - hee). when i went to fetch some juice for us, i discovered the cover sandwiched between the milk packet and the curd-cup. Brilliant! Ek se badhkar ek! I'm waiting to see what our kids would be like!!!