Tuesday, October 09, 2007

office picnic to matheran

this must have been the first time ever that we went on a trip over consequtive weekends. last weekend we went to jaipur with friends (trip to jaipur). and this weekend we went on our annual office picnic to matheran.

many of you who have been to matheran know it is a popular (and therefore overcrowded) weekend getaway from mumbai and pune. and chances are that 7 out 10 people you meet in matheran are gujjus! (thanks to the gujjus!)

but our team of more than 50 people from office had one of the most memorable annual trips in the recent past. and the reason for this was the adventure activities and games that we had organised for the first time.

i personally did rappelling, valley crossing and jhummering (rope climbing) for the first time. and so did my wife and prasann (my son).

here's a link to the few pics that i managed of this trip.

so, all in all, a very enjoyable and fun weekend was had by all.


bindu said...

wud like 2 know more on the journey stay.. games.
no doubt abt u'll had a g8 adventure..

~nm said...

It sure is a treat to be holidaying two consecutive weekends! Seems like you had good fun in both!

I was surprised that you son did rappeling and valley crossing too! He's one adventurous boy!