Saturday, July 05, 2008

the 'fowl' pox

hey everybody! i'm back... whether you like it or not :)

its been ages... and i've a lot of people checking if everything was ok and if i would start blogging again any time soon!

i've been gaining some knowledge during this period of blog-abstinence!

did you know that the virus that causes chicken-pox also causes shingles? and that you are typically immunised against it for life once you get the disease? that adults are affected much worse than children?

the 'boss' and the kids played tag with each other and had the pox in turns! and the boss came down with the pox just the day after i left for a week-long tour... most people who knew me were sure that i scooted the battle-field since i knew it was coming... others who don't know me will believe i was completely in the dark about this :)

prasann, my son, was aghast. he accusingly asked his mother whether she had consumed chicken because of which she got a pox by the same name! when she couldn't convince him that it had nothing to do with her diet, she logged on to the internet and showed him the explanation on some site which then reassured him... that's the power of the www on our generation for you!

i also learnt that most communities in india believe that this version of the pox is a manifestation of the angry form of the 'devi' or goddess... its amazing how this belief cuts across all regions, states and communities.

another amazing learning was that none of the doctors prescribe any medicine for the pox. they just ask you to go through the entire cycle and assure you that it will heal by itself. at best they will recommend what skin creams you could use post-healing to reduce any pigmentation left behind by the scars! :P

and the leaves of the 'neem' tree are the most popular traditional medicine used for the pox. our maid would religiously tie the leaves above the door to appease the angry goddess... but i think the leaves were hung largely to inform people that there are people in the house who are afflicted by the pox :)

the leaves and twigs are spread on the bed to alleviate the itching and burning sensation caused by the blisters... but i think it just serves as a better tool for scratching the itch especially your back... and its far safer than using your hair brush for the same purpose! :P

but i'm glad the guruprasad family is over and done with as far as this pox is concerned! i would rather keep the goddess in good humor than have her pay us a visit in a 'fowl' mood again :P


Shruti said...

hey welcome back.. yea its been VERY long since we saw u around!! So the family is finally neem independent again! :D
Who all had the pox this time? Only Prasann?

Prats said...

oh oh!!! Hope things have cooled down now...
I had heard from m grandmom, that those neem leaves were natural antiseptics so brushing yourself or scratching till the skin fell off, was better that way.

Suma said...

hey!! u're back!!!

that must have been a trying time for the wifey...esp since you chickened out...

still, better this than the dreaded 'chikun'gunya...

Guruprasad said...

@shruti : yeah, its good to be back! the boss and both kids had the pox... and yes, all 3 are back on their feet now :)

@ prats : good to hear from you :)
yes, all's well now... btw, what's with the wise owl pic?

@suma : you bet! and i did try come back and make up for my absence as best as i could... but then with these things you never know if it is good enough :P

ramblings said...

quite a long hiatus!! must be good to be back. but posts seem to be slow in coming! :)