Tuesday, August 12, 2008

lessons from a panda

the big boss has 'asked' me to post this... and i post it, no questions asked, obviously! i mean, i am crazy and all that, but i love life. my life being the most loved one, of course!

the guruprasad family watched the kung-fu panda a few weekends ago! mr. guruprasad junior was treated to the movie separately... the rest of the family promptly went and saw it the day after that! (the excuse the seniors used was that ms. guruprasad junior could not obviously be deprived of this movie! :P )

(the murky truth lies in the fact that the parents would go to any lengths to watch such animated movies! in fact the big boss liked it so much that she was keen i post this piece here about the movie... so now you know who to thank!)

well here's the verdict to anybody out there who's still not watched this movie - WATCH IT NOW!!!

and it doesn't matter if you are single, married, divorced, separated, with/ without kids, celibate, etc. or if you fall into any other category! this movie (one of the few non-pixar ones) which ranks right up there with the best animated films! (my list includes finding nemo, the incredibles, monsters inc, the lion king, shrek, aladdin, jungle book, the little mermaid, etc.)

the story is fun for kids, and carries a bag of laughs and a few good hard-hitting messages for us boring oldies as well. its all about a 'fat' panda (do they come in any other size?) who wants to be a kung-fu warrior. and then becomes one in the end, despite all the 'heavy' odds, without any 'secret recipe' for success.

its a fairly simple straight-forward story which is presented very well. the action sequences are a delight to watch. (frankly i didn't pay much attention to the fact that the voice-overs were done by some heavy-weights including dustin hoffman, angelina jolie and suchlike.)

my only advice is that it wouldn't be a good idea to watch this movie before going to the local stamp duty & registration office... whatever inspiration you gained from the movie would be effectively sucked out of you there! but then that's the gory stuff for another post later :)

p.s. read this great review cum career advice post - http://youthcurry.blogspot.com/2008/07/kung-fu-style-career-advice.html

p.p.s. i also happened to watch the latest sequel in 'the mummy' series - the tomb of the dragon emperor. my only comment is that i hope the mummies are well and truly buried this time and are not resurrected any further!


sanjay said...

hi gp.
yes, it was a superbly-made movie, varun & mahika enjoyed it so much that we ended up watching it twice.
"cars" & "madagascar" are other animations i would strongly recommend. really looking forward to madagascar 2...!!!!

The hObBiT said...

hi GP

Sitanshu n me watched it too!! what with him being obsessed with martial arts & all - thankfully this is one kind i like!! We loved the film and even went to the length of having Happy Meals @ Mcdonalds to land Po but we got Shifu instead!! :D

I think u must add Ice Age 1 & 2 to your list and definitely Madagascar!!can't wait for the sequel to be out.

Guruprasad said...

@sanjay - i completely agree. and it looks like you've got company with 'the hobbit' also recommending madagascar! :)
i loved those too!

@the hobbit : 'happy meals' and all! we missed that one :P

Manasi said...

awesome!!! i too am a huge fan of animations and was planning on watching Kung-Fu Panda on IMAX this week... noting less!! also, my penchant for animations is so bad that i have begun building my own DVD collection!

Madagascar is my favorite after nemo, incredibles, shrek triology, cars, ice age triology (the list is endless)... have seen Madagaskar thrice already and strongly recommend it to you... i am sure your wife would love it too!

call me a child :o)

Guruprasad said...

@ manasi : we've seen madagascar too! trust me, thanks to our kids, we would've seen almost all the animation movies released over the past few years! :)

Suma said...

hey, finally got to watch kungfu panda...extremely entertaining...i don't know who was laughing louder, me or my boys...

a good recipe for an enjoyable evening...:D