Monday, March 16, 2009

this magical mystery tour

i'm on this magical mystery tour.
i've visited some fascinating places
and had some wonderful experiences,
with you by my side.

each day seems like a dream
and i'm filled with awe and wonder
as i take in the rare sights
and breathe in deeply your presence
which fills my senses completely.

but on some days i don't see you
and notice that you've taken off
on a solitary winding path
all by yourself.

but i fret unnecessarily
i only need to look ahead
and see that the path you've taken
finally joins back the road i'm on!


Suma said...

a break does wonders to your poetic soul!


Guruprasad said...

@ suma : danke :)

Manasi said...

AAHHAA!!! pulliing a fast one on your loyal blog readers with this poem, aren't you :-) nice try :-D

welcome back, Guru!