Wednesday, December 16, 2009

mission junk!!!

most young parents would have read 'what to expect when you are expecting' and some would have even read the ones that follow...

but none of these books tell you about some of the perils of parenting, especially fathering!

take monday as a case in point! i was getting back home by the local train (my preferred mode of commute in mumbai) after a late evening in office when i got an urgent call from the big boss... i was asked to pick up some stuff which could be used as examples of junk food...

now before you wonder why she was so keen on junk food articles let me clarify! we had to send some examples of junk food pasted on a cardboard sheet which our son had to take to school the next morning...

most of the kids' assignments are completed only a 'jit' basis which ensures that we optimise our effort and put in the least time and get the maximum output to input (time) ratio on the projects! :P
and this is nowhere as efficient as some of the other parents who manage to complete it on the day of the submission before packing off the kids and their bags and snack boxes to the school bus... we still have a long way to go! :P

so as part of my clandestine assignment, i had to get off the train a couple of stations before my destination, get into a mc'donald's outlet near the station, order a value meal for myself, eat the 'junk food' instead of dinner... now comes the nest part...

i had to carefully and surreptitiously squirrel away the plastic glass, the plastic and paper containers in which the fries and burgers are served and leave the outlet hoping that none of the other patrons noticed!!!

i managed to breathe easily only after i reached home... i then felt like i had thwarted some major evil operatives and pulled off some major clandestine operation successfully!

"mission junk" completed successfully... ready for the next adventure! :)


Shruti said...

woohoo!! mission junk collection successful! :P
lol! u sure no one saw u sneaking away things? Next time u go there, they're going to give u stares :P
oh.. but u aren't going there a next time na? :)

Sumana said...

Loved the post. We also do kids assignments on a JIT basis. So did you stick the french fries and burger on the chart???

SuchitNanda said...

Why not the "take away meal". That way you have the junk and the food without feeling guilty. Or did I miss something?

And you could have grabbed a few shots from the phone-camera and stick that into a PPT if there is one (or print if there was time for that).

~ Suchit

Manasi said...

Perils of Fathering... you are too funny for words :-)

Tys on Ice said...

heart father shud go thru having to eat crispy fries, with hot chicken burger and coke for the sake of his children...dreadful..shocking...iam just speechless

Guruprasad said...

@shruti : i'm not going into that specific one till i grow a beard or something! :P

@sumana : no, we didn't do that! there wouldn't have been any left by the time he reached school! :P
we just stuck the empty containers and wrappers...

@suchit : nobody would eat the 'take away' meal at home since it was past dinner time... and i didn't have a camera phone!
and pictures weren't enough... the brief was very clear about what i was supposed to bring! i couldn't dare deviate! :P

@ manasi : necessity is the father of new words i guess! :P

@ tys-on-ice : thank you kind soul... i knew you would understand my plight! :P

Shalini Surendran said...

Oh Hilarious! :)

...n Happy New Year!
Looking forward to many more posts from you this year!


Raksha said...

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Guruprasad said...

@ shalini : well, here i am! a little late... but here, nonetheless! :)