Sunday, May 09, 2010

big move!

and i'm back again!

this must have been the longest time i've been away! and even i never thought i would ever come back. but then i guess i was missing seeing my own posts out there! i'm such a narcissist! :P

there have been some big changes in my life... actually, big would be an under-statement.

for starters, i have changed jobs! and when you change jobs, or take up a real job after 15 years of doing your own thing, it is big thing! and especially when you have taken up a job which you have never done in your life and is not exactly your area of 'expertise'!

and because of this job, we've all moved out of mumbai! again, a not-so-small change, when you consider the fact that i was in mumbai for over 23 years! and the big boss has been there for even longer!

so we're now in bangalore... and its a whirlwind affair of school admissions, house hunting, maid hunting, furniture hunting, finding your way around, meeting people... its almost like starting life all over again!

the kids are having a gala time... we're finding new eating joints, shopping malls, complexes with swimming pools, and TELEVISION!!!
we're temporarily staying at a dear friend's place. he stays at this place only for a few days each week. ever since our brood moved in here, the tv set has been used for more hours than he ever used it over the last 5 years that he has been here!!!

p.s. every morning when i slip on my shoes, i miss the shoe-shine boys of mumbai!


Milen Shah said...

all the best in Bangalore and with your new job! a big change! am sure you will be missed in Mumbai!

wishing you strength and the adaptability and adjustment needed!

lots of love from London, where Spring has just arrived, let alone Summer! we have a "hung-parliament" with the highest voter turnout in years, and as the football season ends, we see how England may fare in the World Cup!

Anonymous said...

gurubhai, all the best. you seem to be finding a lot ofthings. i am struggling to find just the school and house here.


Pointer said...

all the best for your stay in bangalore. as i read ur blog I am planning my farewell from bangalore after a 4 yr stop. life keeps on dealing new cards we keep playing it

Kaushik Rindani said...

Dear Guru
I read your blog almost regularly but do not react. I find this change in your life affecting me also. Because I remember when you left for Jamshedpur for your further education in HRD, I had strongly missed you. Because at that time we were working so closely for CM. This time your leaving for Bangalore gives me a feeling that part of me has gone far away from me. Prabably because internally you have been extremely close to me.

My best wishes to you in Bangalore for a new job, new life and everything. Pl keep in touch and dont forget your Chinmaya Bandhu.
Lots of love to Nirupama and kids
uncle Rindani

sunitha said...

Hari Om GP,
I recently heard that you have shifted to Bangalore. You are going to be missed. I will be moving back to Mumbai in 2 months for good and was looking forward to seeing you. Wanted to be involved more in mission work and was going to consult you, asking if there is any project or work that I can help with. I am keen on that. Here in Singapore am involved with chyk coordination with nishitaji and also some other mission things. I wish you and family all the best.
I like reading your blogs. Keep them coming. Will send you a mail when I return to Mumbai. Will you be OK with passing me your latest phone number.
Hari Om

Anonymous said...

Hari Om to you and Niru and the kids, all the best. You will be missed in Mumbai. You are with Sw Brahmaji which is GREAT. You all will be spreading the sunshine down south now. Loads of love and blessings

Vibha said...

Best wishes on the new job!
by the way, welcome to Bangalore! and you can count on this aquaintance for any help.

I am sure you will like it. :-)

Rujuta said...

Hi.. Nice to know abt ur new experiences.. While making such big bold moves we actually know how adaptable n flexible we can be and then life becomes more enjoyable with each such experience.. Tho' u have moved from B'bay to B'lore, ur presence here seems to minimise the distances..! Keep it up and all the best for all ur endeavours.

Warm Regards,


tys said...

hey, all the best in ur move to blore..Go to manuscripts blog ( hes on my blogroll) , theres a link which take u to his website. Theres full tips on the best eats in town. You will find it useful. Let me know where you plan to stay, I mite be able to help you out. Have a flat near the AOL ashram.

Guruprasad said...

@ milen : thanks so much for your wishes!
looks like you've got your hands full. and i haven't got your email update for some time now.

@ vishalbhai : all the best for your move to london!

@ pointer : well put! sometimes we're dealt an ace! :)

@ rindani uncle : thanks for the wonderful message and blessings!

Guruprasad said...

@ sunitha : thanks for writing. keep me posted. my number is 9686191134.

@ punitha : thanks for your message. keep writing in! :)

@ rujuta : thanks for that lovely message. :)

@ vibha : thanks for the offer. but how do i reach out to you in bangalore?

Guruprasad said...

@ tys : hey big man! thanks da! :)
will check out the manuscripts blog. and we've finalised a flat at st. john's wood near koramangala!

but, thanks a ton for your offer!

ramblings said...

big moves, physically...! no time for some poetry??