Friday, May 31, 2002

long time no blog .....

just have not been logging onto the net from home for ages now. i don't know if you ever go through such a phase where you just don't want to do something which has always been a habit... and you suddenly get bored stiff or so sick of it that you just want to hang loose and take it easy for sometime. maybe take a good book and read every night before hitting the sack (like i've been doing).

i've noticed this happening to me whether it is people, places, things (books, music, food, etc.). in fact anything for that matter. i wonder if anyone of us is ever continuously able to do something with the same level of enthusiasm, energy, passion like we initially did?

why is this so? any theories?

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Aradhana said...

Have read all your blogs... Finally I'm glad to get this platform... a manifestation of my verbal Diarrhoea! I loved the blog on Bong - n Mallu link... I guess there's one more thing that may be common (at least I've seen this in the Bong culture...). No matter what, they will be reay to shut shops once the clock strikes 6 PM. ANd yes, then again, there's this afternoon nap concept too!

Keep blogging...