Saturday, October 14, 2006

my wife and i finally saw 'lage raho munnabhai'! i am not sure it is oscar material, if you were to comapre it with movies that won the best foreign language film award, but we had a blast watching it.

the funniest line in the movie was when circuit beats up someone and then asks him to get so that he can sorry to him! what made it extremely hilarious was the cool way in which the dialogue was delivered.

there was one loop-hole i found in the picture, i don't know if i misread it. correct me if am wrong. there is one part where 'lucky singh' calls for a press conference to prove that munnabhai has lost his head and is seeing visions. there in the conference the psychiatrist proceeds to prove that the 'bapu' that munnabhai is seeing is his own mental projection. he demonstrates how munnabhai's bapu can answer only those questions for which munnabhai already knows the answer. he does this by producing a list of 3 questions which bapu cannot answer because munnabhai himself does not know the answer!

but my question is - how did the psychiatrist know that munnabhai did not know these facts in the first place? he was not the one who provided all the other facts in the first place!

i couldn't come up with an answer. could you?

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nani said...

Guru, I was waiting to talk about this to someone. For me (apart from the brilliant Mahatma-in-the-background concept), it was that scene, which made the movie outstanding hmmmm to draw an analogy from recent times….similar to the Vaastav ending – the director leaves it to the viewer to think/perceive/understand or maybe even test himself according to the few Gandhian ideas introduced earlier in the movie in an apparent obvious manner - & it takes a brave director to do that I would like to believe. However, I always believed that the movie was made with a lot of restraint (even Vaastav). I am not sure how many of us gave that scene as much a thought as you or I.
To answer your question – in a way I think the idea of which questions to select would have been simple – get three of which none of us, which means each1 of us across the country, don’t have an answer for so the viewer quickly finds himself in Munna’s seat. I imagine, the scriptwriter/director/producer managed to find such questions from the vast research that they must have put themselves through all those months. I suspect a smallish survey might also have been conducted.
Then, once Munna (& each one of us) fails to answer the questions, it’s the shrink’s doctorgiri that comes into play. I thought what the shrink meant was that Munna was so involved into the books that he read, he was in a trance. He therefore always consulted the Mahatma for every question faced & thought he was receiving the answer from the Mahatma himself, when actually it was only he himself who was employing a different line of thought and perceiving/confronting life in the way the Mahatma preached or practiced! Isn’t it similar to so many of us leaving problems to God (navas, etc), acting based on that confidence, reaping the results & with utmost devotion also crediting God for the turn of times. I mean its not God, it’s the devotee who worked hard & got a pay-hike right? Put an atheist in the same place – he would have worked in a similar way & got that hike.
Millions today consult various Gurus/Babas & live every minute of their lives with the Guru in the back of their minds – which means they would quit drinking bcoz Baba said so, they would reduce animosity towards relatives bcoz Baba said so, etc.....I mean someone else would realise that that above two are not ingredients towards a happy co-existence without getting suggestions from anyone.
Phew....hope the above answered your question in someway. But hang on....that’s not all. There was more to the questions than all that. The killer question was what is the name of MK Gandhi’s mother?
....and we Indians supposedly worship Woman.