Monday, October 09, 2006

someone once told me (or maybe i read it somewhere, i don't remember and it doesn't really matter) that the male of the species is the more attractive/colorful/etc. look at peacocks, elephants, panfish, etc.

but whoever arrived at this conclusion obviously did not take homosapiens into consideration! i personally believe that it is just the opposite among human beings.

why else do women models adorn more hoardings and magazine covers than male ones? but when animals are to be used in any picture, not necessarily for endorsing a brand, it is usually the male of the species which is used. have you ever seen a pea-hen being used instead of a pea-cock in any picture?

doesn't prove my point?

ok let me try present a word-picture of a very common phenomenon that all of you would have experienced at one point of time or the other. which irrefutably proves the point i am making.

imagine a couple walking along a beautiful promenade, as couples are usually wont to. they are chatting about things that couples usually chat about. now to avoid confusion lets label this couple as Couple A. now imagine another couple, lets call them Couple B, approaching Couple A from the opposite direction. as they get closer and are about to cross each other what do you think happens?

ok let me try describe it. and what i'm about to describe, i believe, is a universal phenomenon!

man-A looks at lady-B and for now lets not get into what man-A is thinking about her. man-B in the meanwhile is doing likewise with lady-A. but now it gets really interesting. lady-A is looking at lady-B and lady-B is also looking at lady-A. and chances are their thoughts are running along one of these courses -

1. she's fatter/slimmer than me.
2. the dress does/doesn't suit her. it think it will look better on me.
3. the chain/ear-ring/bracelet/etc looks cheap/expensive.
4. her hair is/isn't cut well.
5. why doesn't someone give her honest feedback about her dress/hair/make-up, etc.

but then i'm drifting from my point! all the parties involved in this example are looking only at the ladies! point proven, case closed!


Tasha said...

Being a girl, I agree that we're better looking! And ur argument is so sound that I probably would have agreed even if I was a guy!

Preeti Shenoy said...

I always look at the guy first :P Only if he is uninteresting do i look at the woman who is with him. 99% of the times, the guy is uninteresting :P

Meira said...

I agree with Preeti :)I do that too. And get stared at as a result :D

Veena said...

>> man-A looks at lady-B and for now lets not get into what man-A is thinking about her. man-B in the meanwhile is doing likewise with lady-A

The story further is something like this --
The funny part is that manA thinks manB has caught him staring at woman B and quickly shifts his gaze and smiles sheepishly to himself. :)) And likewise with man B. hehehehe :))

Varsha Shrote said...

Let's take this story further(than Veena's)---
ManB is a bodybuilder(like SALMAN KHAN),he gets annoyed at ManA,goes over to him and punches at his's it?