Saturday, November 04, 2006

why are the trains cleaner down south?

i know this posting is going to sound controversial and offend some people.

but its just another theory that i have, and i couldn't resist sharing my views with you. i mean, what choice do you have? :-)

i believe there is a strong correlation between the levels of cleanliness in our trains and literacy levels in different regions in our vast country.

i have been fortunate to have travelled by trains from pune and mumbai to most parts of the country including kerala, tamilnadu, karnataka, andhra pradesh, uttar pradesh, west bengal, gujarat, delhi, punjab, himachal pradesh, madhya pradesh, etc. and of course within maharashtra.

i have noticed a clear correlation between literacy levels and the levels of cleanliness in trains!

the trains going to or originating from states which have literacy rates higher than the national average tend to be cleaner than the trains to/from other states. therefore as a general rule the trains down south tend to be cleaner than the trains up north. do you agree?

i have come across mails earlier which tell us that we are fairly hypocritical when it comes to cleanliness. we are paranoid about cleanliness within the four walls of our homes but don't care too much when it comes to civic cleanliness.

these mails also remind us of how we are very particular about littering and using dust-bins in foreign lands while not giving a second thought to dropping the candy wrapper (or gutkha pouch/ cigarette butt, etc) on the street/pavement in our country.

but i think this is not completely correct. its a very small proportion of such people who tend to do this. i think most people who have a basic understanding of civic sense (and i firmly believe its not to do with literacy alone) are equally careful about civic cleanliness, whether they are in the country or travelling abroad.

i think, in the final reckoning, its got to do with your attitude towards your surroundings. the sense of responsibility and sensitivity that you demonstrate when you realise that all the amenities around you are meant for the general public, including you.

if this sense of belief is not deeply and strongly rooted in you, you could be easily shaken and disheartened when you see the law-enforcers and custodians of public property themselves breaking these same laws with impunity!

i think the way you and i can make a difference is by ensuring that we do not demonstrate such hypocrisy in our conduct and also ensuring that we educate the people we can in our circle of influence!

lets start with ourselves and clean up our country!


Ashish said...

Even i do agree there is a correlation between education and cleanliness in trains.

varsha said...

yes i do agree to this completely...ppl here are soo indiffent n apatheic about basic civic sense...when told this..they often reply as ..."it is anyways soo dirty here (esp Mumbai)will not make a difference if we do anything"...especially the ppl who go around spitting just about anywhere...its just soo ludicrous!!
come on ppl...start respectin this great nation!!