Saturday, November 25, 2006

are you a man or woman?

this was a very fascinating question i heard ages ago. but before you start getting strange ideas about me, let me clarify.

this question was popped at me during a spritual/philosophy discourse i was listening to.

the question went something like this - when you are in deep sleep, are you a man or a woman? are you hindu or muslim? are you fat or thin? fair or dark? young or old?

and if your answer is 'yes', then it only means you were not in deep sleep :-)

and if your answer was 'no' to all of the above, then what or who are you?

any answers, anyone?


Achintya said...

i do not believe u can answer any of those questions w/ a yes or a no given that it is asking u to choose between things. do u prefer icecream or coffee? yes or no? (?)

Anonymous said...

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