Friday, March 09, 2007

it happens only in india!

there are some of these quirky, bizarre and completely inexplicable things that you will come across in urban/metro india that would take you by complete surprise! i believe these are the reasons that make living in india one filled with surprises every day, sometimes unpleasant but mostly pleasant.

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1. this is a road sign i noticed while i was at nehru place in new delhi. i crossed this sign and then it struck me. i retraced my path and couldn't believe my eyes. i took this pic on my mobile phone and kept it for posterity. i mean, where else in the world will you find a road sign that says 'no pachyderms!'

2. and then there was this bank i was visiting down south. during a break in the meeting i decided to visit the comfort/wash room. i noticed there were the usual two doors, one which said 'Ladies' with the tell-tale drawing of a shapely figure denoting the dairer sex, and the other which said 'Gents'. what got my attention was the third door marked 'Officers'! when i mentioned this to one of the bank employees later he shared an internal joke where most of them assumed that this door was used by the 'third sex' :-)

3. and i'm sure most of you have seen some of these sign-boards in some of the restaurants, especially in the irani restaurants.

- No combing
- No outside food
- No hand-washing in plates
- No special tea
- Milk not for sale
p.s. i will add some more entries into this posting. i would like you to share similar anecdotes which i could include.


Cheryl said...

I find this very interesting especially the pic you've taken... i agree i cannot find this anywhere else hahaha... I was thinking of sharing with you some weird restaurant names that you'll see here in the philippines, i'll just have to look for the file. Just those weird names one wouldn't imagine you'd be seeing in a restaurant name.. hahaha or shall i say then only in Manila...

Anjali said...

Hi Guru,
I would also like to add something i saw very recently...the other day we had a very unusual co-passenger boarding on to the train from churchgate...a street dog got in very peacefully from churchgate sat on the opposite door without bothering any one and enjoying the trainride. we were all wondering what to do with the dog since it was a virar train and we didn't want the poor little thing harmed...but guess what??? the dog on its own got down at mumbai central as if he has been doing that everysingle day...

Hemisha said...

hari om g p
thats a brilliant obseravtion. u mentioned abt the irani cafes. they have much more rules written
no combing
no talking loudly
no sitting long
no asking directions
no asking 2 much water
no asking change
etc the list is endless there is 1 cafe in metro area where there r 22 rules. also saw 1 in a train 1 day saying body massage? call Mr. Lucky... number
hari om

Anupam said...

Dog doing the train ride is so sweet! Most animals exhibit such graceful intelligent actions/habits from time to time. Its just that most of our countrymen are so insensitive to the poor souls, that they overlook (the actions).

On the pachyderm crossing bit, I couldn't help but think about the sign-post along one of the bridges across the yamuna (in Delhi) on the road to Ghzbd - which reads (in hindi) - "yahaan haathee rehtey hain" . This strange handwritten sign has been there at the same place, for at least the last 20 yrs. And almost every person who has traversed that road a couple of times, cannot help but notice it. It came up in coffee table conversations so many times that I got curious enough to stop by & enquire from a nearby vendor, what it stood for. He informed me with a smile "sahab, aapsey pahley saikrdon (toungue-twister hindi word which stands for "hundreds") log yahee baat mujhse poochh chukey hain. Simple see baat hai. Yahaan bridge key neechey haathee rahtey hain jo shaadiyon aur thyo-haaron mein kiraaye par jaatey hain".

A 10 rupee road sign which draws trade enquiries each day and has superb recall as well !!!

( Case study material, anyone ??)