Friday, March 16, 2007

an action-packed, adventurous life!

my wife blames me of corrupting her after marriage!

she claims that she was a far more organised person who planned well in advance and never waited until the last moment to start working on things. i think she's lead a very colorless, uneventful life until she got married to me :-)

what she means is that she (which includes her family) would usually land up at the train/ bus terminal or airport at least an hour before the actual departure time. and then they would wait patiently until the train/bus/aircraft rolled into the terminal and then they would have enough time to settle down in their allotted seats and make some polite conversation with the co-passengers.

my life has been far more action-packed than that. i've lost count of the number of trains, buses and flights that i've missed. i've boarded the wrong train more than once.

its not been so bad after marriage (i guess its my wife's influence!) but we've still had our fair share of near-misses. there was a time when we wanted to return to chennai from tirupati and we literally jumped on to a moving train. (i decided to buy the tickets just as we saw the train moving into the station.)

and then there was the near-miss when another family and we were trying to get to delhi after attending vivek's wedding in lucknow! (read vivek's blog at we abandoned the taxi in the middle of a traffic jam and moved our luggage onto a cycle-rickshaw (click here to know what a cycle rickshaw looks like the ladies and kids managed to walk to the station much faster while my friend and i were battling through the crowds outside lucknow station and managing to dump all our luggage into the train just as it started leaving the station!

but the closest miss was during my recent trip to dubai. my flight was at 5.40 am from mumbai and i decided to reach the airport the previous night itself so that i could catch some sleep at the airport itself instead of having to wake up at an unearthly hour at home! i reached the check-in counter just at it opened at about 2 am only to be told that my passport was not valid. that's when i realised that i was carrying my old cancelled passport.

my wife started frantically searching through all the usual places at home with no luck. i decided to get back home and called up a colleague and anita (our finance & admin head and one of the most resourceful people i've ever come across). they both rushed to office, woke up the security and managed to find my new passport in my office drawer. i promptly left home once again and reached the airport at the same time as my office colleagues.

and i managed to get to dubai on the flight i was supposed to be on!

now imagine if i were as well organised as my wife, i would have missed out on all such adventures! (she must be shaking her head in exasperation while reading this :-) )

i am sure i am not the lone adventurer. some of you must have more interesting stories to share! i'd love to hear them!


Anonymous said...

interesting events have happened in you life so far :) what next :))

Preeti said...

I consider myself one of the most organised people walking aorund.
There was this one time when my flight time was 1920pm while just below this electronic ticket was my flight fare 2045(or some such).

I finished work at office by 5pm & continued overworking myself till about 7pm.Office is about 5 mins from the airport and I decided against a taxi.I would just hop on to a cycle rickshaw and reach the airport.
But the auto rickshaws either refused to go to the airport(short distance) or asked for a ridiculous fare.
I decided to walk..with my laptop and day bag in tow.
While I made the distance in about 15 minutes..when I reached the airport by 7.20...I realised the flight had closed.
How so I asked..the flight time is 8.45pm!
It took me a while to figure out the time was 7.20pm!
And just this once.. the flight had to be on time:))

Guruprasad said...

hi preeti :

i can totally believe this because the exact same thing has happened to me too. and i think it is the same flight. it is a air sahara flight from mumbai. and i was told by a smug attendant at the info desk that i was not the first person to make this mistake! the confusion was not because of the fare; its the flight number which reads like the time of the flight and it can easily be confused with the actual flight time!

welcome to the gang :-)


Guruprasad said...

hi annonymous :

let the adventures continue, i say! but all i pray is that none of them have any sad or unwanted endings.