Saturday, April 21, 2007

bundle of thoughts!

what if you were told you were nothing but a bundle of thoughts?

and thoughts are nothing more than just energy in a modified form. all the food we eat transforms into energy (and also blood and bone and tissue, of course). so food is the source of our thoughts.

and why then are our thoughts so different from the thoughts of all the others we know? we'll discuss this in another posting some other day.

now, coming back to our discussion about us being thoughts.

now let's follow this chain of thought :-)

everything i know about myself is nothing but a vast reservoir of thoughts. every idea, notion, belief and bias i entertain is nothing but a thought stored away in that massive memory bank of ours. in fact, that's it. our sense of identity is nothing but a cumulative effect of all our past memories that we access in a very complex way at every waking moment.

imagine you woke up one day and lost all your memory, just like they show in the movies. you would have no clue of who you were, who your family/friends/relatives were, what job you did, what likes/dislikes you had, your hobbies, your favorite movie/book/song .... nothing.

and suddenly you realise that everything you are, everything you believe yourself to be, every characteristic, every habit, every aspect of your ego is nothing but thoughts in your memory bank.

you, the person you believe you are, are nothing but a bundle of thoughts!

think about it! and i'd like to hear your thoughts in this regard.


darknrestless said...

guru, this was pithy!! when do you finime to blog? let me buy you lunch one of these days to get gyan on this :-)

Guruprasad said...

for a free lunch, i would sell my soul :-)

but i would like to know who's this 'dark n restless' person who is willing to buy me lunch?

as for finding time to blog, i note down ideas and then write out the posting in under 5-10 minutes whenever i get some time. i use it as a de-stresser. i usually write late nights after i'm done for the day and before i hit the sack!