Thursday, April 12, 2007

single in mumbai

i wish i was a single woman in mumbai.

no, i am not going through a mid-life crisis. nor am i suddenly wondering which side i should be on!

i am just plain envious!

i believe this is the best time to be :
1. a lady (the men don't have half as many advantages)
2. in her mid-20s to mid-30s (not more not less)
3. single (that's the entire point; singledom = freedom)
4. working (you have enough spending power to last you through the first 15-20 days of the month)
5. living alone (please refer notes of point 3)
6. in mumbai (no other city gives her half as much freedom; maybe bangalore comes a close second)

if you are someone who satisfies all the above criteria, then the world is at your feet.

- you have at least half a dozen eligible men (it could even include some married men) wooing you
- you get invited to most of the happening parties and events in town
- you don't need to spend a penny (read rupee) at these dos
- you can stay out as late as you like, you can choose to stay over at a friend's (and nobody is likely to ask you which 'friend' it was)
- you don't have parents/elders/relatives asking you to behave/ get married/ dress decently/ etc.
- you can live at the cutting edge of fashion without having to worry about 'what will people say?' (so people stare; let them!)
- you don't have to attend family functions unless the food is worth the effort (you can always say you had a late day at office)
- you can have parties at your pad, again without worrying about hiding the empty bottles and 'airing' the room (the neighbours hardly know of your existence)
- you can eat out if you feel too lazy to cook

i am sure the list can get longer and have many more interesting entries. you have something to add?


miss_perfect said...

very well written GP bhaiya. And yes, all of what you have said here is true.

"you don't have parents/elders/relatives asking you to behave/ get married/ dress decently/ etc." very true!!!! :)

Manasi said...

hi guru... this was a fun article on the pros of being a single woman in mumbai :-) i wudnt add the cons to this article... let there be fun, there is too much sadness in the world anyway :-)

now this is why i am here - i saw the indian economy blog on ur list and i was reminded of Ajay Shah. you probably know him... his family owns/runs the CMIE (i worked there after my MBA) this is his blog

Many thanks to you for reminding me about his field of works... i wish to learn more about such suave academics. wonder if u would know of some!


Aparna said...

sounds like a great life but honestly, it's not all that great. such a life is an aimless life; you will only be living for the next day. not so fanciable.