Monday, July 09, 2007

a question of answers

i realised there were a few unanswered questions in some of my earlier postings. in this posting i try to answer them to the best of my ability!

in the posting about 'the ultimate why' i had posed a few questions - what is the ultimate answer for all our whys? is there one single answer that answers all our whys?

ok, here's my take on this.

i believe that all our 'whys' lead to one final answer.

why do we do everything that we do?

we do everything that we do because we want to be happy, to achieve fulfilment and to feel complete.

even if we believe we are doing some actions like charity or some sacrifice for somebody else's benefit, if we look within ourselves closely enough, we have to admit that we are doing it because we derive some sense of fulfilment or satisfaction in these actions.

in fact, i would go to the extent of saying that there is not a single activity, word or thought that we undertake other than for fulfilling our own desires and for our own happiness.

do you agree?


and i was also told that there was a missing link in my posting about the 'evidence of reincarnation'.

in this posting i wanted to present the case of my kids as evidence of reincarnation. but i think the idea didn't come through clearly.the point i was trying to make was that 2 kids in the same family can be so different. now, the only logical reason to explain this huge difference is the personality package that they seem to have 'inherited' or brought along with them.

some of you might argue and say that the differences can be explained as genetic. but then my counter would be - what defined their unique genetic structure which in turn defined their unique personalities with its specific traits? are these traits truly 'carried forward' from some previous life or are these only just some accidental combinations of certain proteins in their dna strands?

i don't know about you, but i can't accept the theory that i am what i am because of some random 'accident'!

what do you think?



Anonymous said...

Hi Prasad,
Honestly I believe I am what I am....I am the result of what I created daily, what my intentions is evey morning I wake up till I rest at night.It is not by accident nor theory. In the case of genetic it can only be said for diseases not in character.It's our being that makes who we are.
Mida (Singapore)

Guruprasad said...

hi mida :

i agree with your view that we are what we intend ourselves to be. in a manner of speaking - we create ourselves!

by that logic we can also say that we happened to be born here because that was what we intended for ourselves. or maybe that the bundle of our own past impressions created the right setting/ environment for us to be born here and live out all those tendencies that we have accumulated over time or maybe even lifetimes!