Saturday, June 23, 2007

evidence of reincarnation

here's the ultimate evidence to prove the theory of reincarnation beyond any doubt - my own kids!

my son, prasann, is going to turn 7 in october. after my daughter, sunanda, who completed 3 in may, was born, we suddenly realised how much of an angel our son is :-)

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prasann and sunanda are as similar as chalk and cheese.

1. prasann might protest vehemently, but will not do anything that he is not supposed to unless he has got permission from his mother. (he knows who's the boss at home!)

but sunanda will stare her mother in the eye and continue to do what she pleases.

2. prasann is not a very social person. he would rather sit and watch a movie, or play a computer game, or go through some car magazines than go out and play with the other kids.

sunanda prefers to stay out or go to her friend's house than come home on her way back from her 'day care centre'.

3. prasann can't stand the sight of fruits. he just about manages to eat some mangoes (the alphonso variety). he eats without a fuss but is quite choosy about his food and rarely experiments.

sunanda likes fruits and is quite game to try out some new variety of fruit even if it doesn't look very appealing. she would take a bite of whatever it is that we are eating, diplomatically say it is good, and then politely decline another serving.

4. prasann is currently into his 'cars' phase. this was preceded by planes, trains, auto-rickshaws, and cooking utensils.

sunanda never went through any of these phases. she prefers books, puzzles, animals.

5. prasann is deeply influenced by religious practices and he instinctively prostrates to swamis & brahmacharis (monks).

sunanda does not quite the like the idea of doing this at all, nor does she feel any pressure to ape her brother.

6. and the clinching evidence is displayed in full glory at the dining table. after prasann finishes his meal, which usually ends with a generous serving of curd-rice (here's the recipe -, you would not be blamed if you assumed that a mini-typhoon hit his plate which also smacked his face while retreating! the effects can be seen over a significant radius beyond his plate.
and sunanda, the way she expertly handles the cutlery, can be easily mistaken for someone the 'brits' left behind when they departed indian shores. she is neat, meticulous and a dainty eater.

all of us have our own views about reincarnation. but most parents with more than one child will agree that our children make us pause and wonder about this theory, if convince us about it!


sriram said...

I quite liked your comparison / opposites between Prasann and sunanda .... but am quite mused by what to infer .... pardon my ignorance, but I did not understand the linkage to reincarnation ...... sorry for the lesser mortals like me .... can you please detail...... Thanks Sriram

Guruprasad said...

hi sriram :

here's from a more (opposite of 'lesser') mortal (or should it be 'mere mortal'?) to a lesser one. the only 'more' i can think of in my case is the muscles in my head or the tyre around my mid-section.

anyway the only point i was trying to make, by a very long shot, was that though both the kids are born in the same house and brought up in a similar environment, they are completely different personalities.

its as if they have brought some residual personality traits with them from their previous incarnation. that seems to be the only explanation, unless you believe it has to do with the chemical composition of their brains :-)


~nm said...

Hi Guruprasad. I really enjoyed reading about your children! And teh comparison you drew was quite amusing too! :) I was smiling all through the end.

This was the first time I came to your blog but you keep wrting in and will keeping coming in for more. :D

~nm said...

Like you said, I've NO CLUE too as to who you are either. Its a blog world you know. One links to the other and I just happened to visit your blog through the series of links on series of blogs. So I don't even remember from which blog I landed on yours :D But I do hope you didn't mind me reading and commenting on it.