Wednesday, August 22, 2007

photos don't lie!

we went on a weekend getaway trip to kashid on 18th & 19th aug. we were 5 families from golden square (click on the link to see the location on google maps) and we drove down in 3 cars. i.e. 10 adults and 9 kids.

all of us, as you can imagine, had a very good time. the kids largely took care of themselves. and all the adults, when they were not eating copious amounts of delicious food or lazing around as an obvious after-effect, got into the pool with the kids or played various games including cards, taboo, pictionary, etc.

you can catch the pics at the following link (some of the pics are scenic) -

(photos courtesy : murli nambiar)

but that's not the point of this posting. i am sure most of you would not be interested in poring through these pics. to be honest, i wouldn't if i were you!

have you noticed how we are eager to browse through an album or to look at photographs only if one of the following conditions are true?
1. there is our photograph(s) in that collection
2. there is a photograph(s) of our immediate family or people we love
3. there are photographs of people we know or are fond of
4. the photographs are of some well-known personality or have been clicked by a well-known personality
5. we have heard that the photographs are interesting/beautiful/artistic/whatever
(and our interest dramatically reduces in this order of listing!)

our interest in the photographs reflects our love for the subject in the photographs! and we are most interested in our own photographs/reflections; because we love ourselves the most!

like i said, photos don't lie!


Anonymous said...

good pics...and i liked them even though they are not mine!

sanjay phadke

Manasi said...

after reaching the end for a moment i was sold to your hypothesis completely but then i stepped back and realized that although consition # 3 applies to me but the bigger reason i clicked the link was because i am hungry for the sights of indian landscape... despite my love for nature photography, i am done with the professional perfection i come accross everywhere... a picture does not have to speak a 1000 words because sometimes just one word is enough... BLISS

and your pictures say that aplenty :-)


Guruprasad said...

hi manasi :

i completely agree with your comment.

i guess i should modify condition # 3 to read "there are photographs of people/places/animals/objects we know or are fond of"