Monday, August 20, 2007

i used to be a rolling stone!

no i don't mean i was part of the band... nor do i mean i was a fan. (i discovered the rolling stones only late in college.) as for the actual meaning of the phrase, well that came even later. (

when i was carefree, footloose, reckless and single, but not necessarily happier than i am today, i realised that i was a perfect specimen for the term 'a rolling stone'. and i took some kind of pride about this 'state of being'.

i could drift in and out and away from relationships with ease, i never got too close to people, i didn't need friends, but i could make new friends at every new place we moved to, etc.

and then i got married! and soon kids followed.

to say that life changed drastically would be an understatement :-)

i can unabashedly say today that i have never felt as attached to anybody in my whole life as i feel to my kids! you would assume that i should have felt tied down or claustrophobic or like having my wings clipped. on the contrary! i have never felt as complete, as free and as content in my life before.

i say to all of you people out there who are on the fence about marriage or about having kids after marriage - take a deep breath and jump aboard. you will never regret it!

some might say that you will not have any time to realise the blunder since you will be so busy running errands, making up more than making out, changing nappies, reading bed-time stories and all that.

but once you are in it you realise that these are all pegs which are driving you deeper into solid ground and at the same time, helping you soar into the sky, freer than the king of the eagles!

thank god for children! and thank god for the mothers who beget the children who in turn make you a truly complete man!


~nm said...

So beautifully written! And so true!

Everytime look at his innocent face and his (our son) unconditional love towards us, I feel so happy! And thats when I say to God that I cannot thank him enough for giving me such a lovely child!

But you know what I really liked was that I have not seen many men accept thsi fullfilment, contentment of having children and coming from you - a father, makes a lot of difference!

Guruprasad said...

hi :

i think more and more men are acknowledging this. and if you ask the rest, they will also agree with the view point, even if they have not vocally announced it to the world at large :-)