Thursday, February 28, 2008

second chance

how many second chances
do i get to start afresh?
why do i not get it right
the first time around?

four nights
and three days
i burned in hell
before i could admit
to myself

that i need you more
than you need me.
and it would take me
seven lives before i am
freed from your clutches

and that is what
gets my goat!


Gazal said...

so should we call you wordsworth GURU??

Gazal said...

and you have been tagged.CONGRATS


Guruprasad said...

@ gazal : just gp would suffice (so as not to be confused with the other guru) :P

and i'm pathetic with tags... i never do them. (no, i did one once.)

Tys on Ice said...

seven lifetimes...jeez...cant live with them, cant live without

Thinking aloud said...

turning poetic?

heh..heh...loved the last line...u turned the tables there!!

Guruprasad said...

@tys : we're stuck like pigs on a spit!

@TA : thanks... :)