Tuesday, April 29, 2008

measured speech

she chooses her words carefully
and steps over this tricky terrain,
like one would walk barefoot
across a glass-strewn floor.

she wouldn't want him to quote her
out of context or read between the lines
or misinterpret her words for
the declaration of some undying love!

and he watches her with an amused look,
as she fumbles as she tries
to mouth the words she doesn't believe in.
but her eyes give the game away!


Joy said...

Wow! Does she like him or not? I am little confused. But yes Eyes are window to soul!

Manasi said...

loved it! watch out for my version on this :-)

Here is a recent one i wrote -


Suma said...

eyes are the mirrors of your soul...u believe in that?

nice one again...so the poet strikes again ;)

ramblings said...

deafening silence there! ;)

Suma said...

did i comment here or didn't i ?!!!!

neways joy echoed my line...the mirror one...

Gazal said...

yes...but you need brilliant vision to read peoples eyes.
esp women....

Guruprasad said...

@joy : eyes are windows if you know to read them :)

@manasi : keep me posted :)
loved your new one too!

@suma : i believe eys, if you can read them, say a lot more than the person lets on!
the poet is still lurking i guess :)

@ramblings : more like a silent scream ;)

@gazal : even 20:20 vision doesn't help us guys here :P

Shruti said...

silly gal.. did she really have to try to say something she dint mean? should've said it with her eyes shut ;-)
..got to say.. u are excellent! simply love ur poetry.. wow! where was this side of u all this while.. nice nice :-)

Prats said...

Many times, we're trying to be politically correct when we express ourselves for the fear of rejection.

*she wouldn't want him to quote her
out of context or read between the lines
or misinterpret her words for...*

So true..there is an inner need to be accepted for what we are...but are never able to let out our feelings clearly.
Loved your choice of topic here and the way you've put it into words...

by the way....where have you been? not seen you around on my blog for a while?

Cuckoo said...

Ahaaa !!
They say in Hindi, AankhoN se baat kerna...

And we women are always full of mysteries... never to let others know. Aren't we ?

Shruti said...

Hey.. u've been tagged with the lovelink! Hop over to my blog and grab it.. and spread it.. :)

~nm said...

Go here - Something for your eyes! :)

Guruprasad said...

@shruti : thanks for your comment. sometimes people try to be very careful about what they say so that their true feelings are not apparent... but the eyes never lie, don't you think so?

@prats : what you said is so true!
i'm guilty of not reading your post of late... i promise to catch up soon :)

@cuckoo : you bet! :)

@ shruti : thanks, will check it out!

@~nm : thanks a ton!