Monday, April 07, 2008

waiting for the rains

the air is muggy
and a tiny rivulet of sweat
finds its way down my back.

i can smell the approaching rains
as dark clouds speed
across the heavens.

the parched earth within me
thirsts for the cloudburst.
its been a long drought
after the week-long flood.

you had saved me
from drowning then.
now i wait for you
to quench my thirst.


Ps said...


Shruti said...

week long flood? drowning? Whaaa? And oh.. rain.. that's something I don't wait for at all.. I don't like it.. almost got killed in it once :| Moreover.. all the gloom.. na I cant take it! Should rain only at night. Messes up the roads here too

Gazal said...

//its been a long drought
after the week-long flood.//

very profound...i wonder what the poet means by that??

Suma said...

wow...some serious poetry spouting going on here...

i hate being at a loss of words...i really do...

i liked this ....too...:)

Guruprasad said...

@ Ps : thanks again!

@ shruti : lol... i know what you mean :)

@gazal : the poet meant whatever you understood by it :)

@suma : if you asked me what some of this meant or why i'm going through this 'poetry spouting' phase, i too would be at a loss for words :)