Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hibernating blogger

its been ages since i last posted!

actually thats not true... i've been posting... but not the regular posts. i've been going through a poetry phase! its been ages since this bug last bit :)

and i've been posting some of them on the blog.

but i have not been emailing my usual mailing list about these postings. don't ask me why!

but some people have been able to track these poems and have been commenting. while most expressed surprise at my poetic inclinations, others were appreciative.

but the most common underlying vein among most people who commented was what i found quite hilarious!

to quote some of them, there must be 'something in the air'. some wondered 'what was up?'
well i guess its not a 'normal' thing to do. but if try explain too much here they will also say that 'i doth protest too much'!

so i think i should just respond with a straight face and say that the poetry bug was in the air :P

you could check them out in the blog yourself. comments and brickbats are welcome.

i hope to resume my regular blogging soon.

adios till then :)


Suma said...


i am most appreciative of the poetry phase and would like u to continue letting that bug bite u...


Eagle said...

Welcome back! misssed your blogs. Was wondering where you'd disappeared.

Tys on Ice said...

..the last time i read in my class the prose : 'if music be the food of love...' , I dropped the book and went and got myself a sandwich..

my wife is into poetry, me? I guess Iam more into the poet.

Shruti said...

yay!! :-D finally someone's speaking with lines that dont need to be analysed to be understood ;-)

I'm sure everyone here loved ur poetry phase.. it was beautiful.. so I suggest, keep them- the poems- coming intermittently, but do not stop the regular rants.. deal? :-)

Prats said...

poetry bug or not......just bring it on....we are having a great time reading those lovely lines of yours though...