Friday, May 09, 2008

the endless dance

it was a full moon night
and the gopis danced with abandon
swirling and laughing and clapping
their hands in unison,
while their feet tapped to the rhythm.

and each gopi could see him
right next to her and dancing only with her,
giving her all his attention
while she danced with abandon
drunk with the joy of the moment!

in my mind each day
each thought dances with abandon
swirling and laughing and moving
ever forward, smoothly synchronised with
the myriad other thoughts of the day.

and each thought is in a trance
and swirls like a dervish possessed.
nothing else appeals to my mind
other than thoughts focused on you
and i dance, drunk with the joy of the dance!


Suma said...

a measured speech, a pilgrimage and now this...hmm now i'm really wondering something... :)

quite nice ...the dance to the mind to the thoughts...a merry dance?

Ps said...

I liked it.
Absence of punctuation and capitalisation reminds me of e.e cummings.

The hObBiT said...

i read that and thought to myself who is the author/poet......n then it struck me!!!! My God GP actually wrote that!!! i keep discovering new facets of u through your blog!!!

Eagle said...


ramblings said...

late in coming. was 'away' for a while.
wow! it waw beautiful imagery. could almost see myself swaying to the heady tunes, lost in the music and colours and swirling skirts and going dizzy, or as ud said drunk! :)

hmm was just thinking one cant spout poetry off handedly, as you profess to, at times! ;)