Tuesday, October 28, 2008

speaking in 'code'

there was a time when the 'big boss' and i spoke to each other by spelling at least one word in each sentence...

all parents go through this phase where they want to say something to each other and don't want their young ones to understand what they are saying... and we are not talking about the parents getting lovey-dovey or anything! we're talking about things like
- i need to G-O O-U-T for a while
- let's have some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M tonight
- please keep the C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E-S away from his (our son's) visual range
- etc. etc. (you get the drift, i assume :) )

well, like all other good things in life, this phase too comes to an end, when one fine day we have our son talking back to us and telling us firmly that 'i am not ready to S-L-E-E-P yet'!

we went through this phase once again. with our daughter this time. and this time our son too joined us speaking in code, feeling mighty proud of himself!

but history repeated itself again and we realised our 'speaking in code' phase has come to an end when our daughter (who hasn't started learning to spell yet) piped up the other day at the dinner table, when we were trying to reason with her older brother about when he could have his share of the C-H-O-C (a shorter code version of chocolate, of course) in the fridge, saying, 'oh, is the C-H-O-C in the fridge? can i have some too?'

oh well... it was good till it lasted! :P


Jagjit said...

hehe, nice one.

Rima Ray Vermani said...

Hi Guru: I remember my parents resorting to silent pronunciations (lips moving without sound) during a sentence whent he decibel levels would suddently drop to zero, making me look up at the one speaking. Thinking back, it was hillarious but it worked everytime between them... so much for non-verbal communication!

sanjay said...

hi gp.
neha & i have also been trumped-out here...!!!
i guess its time to learn a new language...!!!

Anonymous said...

For your daughter, C-H-O-C (seeechosee), and not 'Chocolate', means chocolate. So maybe you are creating a new language!

Tys on Ice said...

the things we do !

Iam planning on learning sign language...

Guruprasad said...

@jagjit : thanks! :) :) :)

@aradhana : that's so cool! i don't remember anything like this in my childhood! or maybe its selective memory in my case :P

@sanjay : tys on ice kere is working on sign language... might be a good idea :)

@anonymous : yeah, you could say that :)

@ tys : pls post a ready reference guide for lazy men like me... except i thikn i'll have a tough time convincing 'big boss' that the middle finger actually now stands for 'i fully agree with you!' :D

Vinod said...

I remember when My sisters used the P-language against me.

This is very funny indeed.

Can you please add my wife on this?