Saturday, November 01, 2008

i am your radha tonight!

tonight i felt
how deeply the gopis longed
for their dark-skinned kanha.

i now understand
why the jamuna sighs with longing
and the kadamba sheds her leaves
in despair.

i feel like a calf
searching for her mother,
lost, alone, heart-broken.

i am like radha
sitting serenely by the jamuna,
tenderly caressing your humble flute
bearing the pain with grace.

secure in the knowledge
that you will return,
but knowing not how to resign
to the fact that you will never stay!


Shruti said...

uh.. everything good with u na? :-S

ramblings said...

:) that was nice..esp enjoyed the last stanza. once a poet always one i guess!

Manasi said...

"knowing not how to resign"

loved it...

Guruprasad said...

@shruti : hey! yes, all cool! thanks for dropping in...

@ramblings : thanks... and do keep dropping in!

@manasi : hey thanks :)

Aradhana said...

This beautifully elaborates the phrase - "to have and not to hold"... Acceptance of the truth that we wish were otherwise, is the most difficult in times when one is alone... Loneliness creeps in slowly when there's nothing else to fill the void in time. Keep writing like this!

Vinod said...

This is just amazing! Very touching!


Guruprasad said...

@ aradhana : i hope i keep feeling inspired like this once in a while so i can then keep writing like this! :)

@ vinod : thanks :)