Saturday, November 08, 2008

i need some solace!

yeah, i need some solace!

why, you ask?

when you go for a bond flick, after sacrificing precious sleep, you expect to be entertained... you expect to get introduced to freaky gizmos and gadgets... you expect edge-of-the-seat action... you expect technical brilliance... you expect class and pizzazz and more... (and the women of course!)

and the least you expect is a classy opening credit sequence...

don't you all agree?

and the last thing you expect is a sentimental bond! and i just can't picture bond holding on to a dying man and feeling senti and all...

if you look at 'quantum of solace' in isolation i guess you would rate it as a decent action flick... like international khiladi or something!
but this flick did not have any iota of the class that one has come to expect of bond films! as one of the friends in the group said after the 90 minutes dragged itself to an end - 'i mean, how difficult can it be to make a good bond film? just put in some funky gadgets, some exciting stunts, some great chase scenes, some mind-blowing ladies, some torrid scenes, and some excuse of a plot! i can't believe they couldn't manage something as simple that!'

well the excuse of a plot was definitely there. no doubt about it! but the rest of the formula was forgotten completely!

i guess the producers and the director forgot one cardinal rule of sequels - if it ain't broke, you don't need to fix it!

so if you haven't seen the quantum of solace yet, i would advice you to wait for it to be shown on hbo or star movies! especially if you are a bond fan!


Manasi said...

My next 3 weekends are going to be heavenly. this weekend is Kungfu Panda and Madagascar "2". Next weekend is James Bond and the next to next weekend I will be in INDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

So for me it's good that this bond movie isn't as thrilling as the previous one... won't act as fuel to fire to the phase of continuing excitement my life is in right now :-)

Must watch Madagascar 2, Guru... you will love it, am sure!

Anonymous said...

Funny...I saw the movie and was quite impressed...Daniel Craig is the best
bond after Sean, the movie had good pace, lots of action and great

Not sure we saw the same movie!!!


Guruprasad said...

@ manasi : will watch madagascar2 as soon as it hits here... i loved the first one too!

@ sanjay : i think it was the same movie :)
i agree craig is good... the action scenes were too fast-paced and left you wondering what exactly happened sometimes!
the gizmos and cars were much better in the earlier versions!

kingshuk said...

I am a out and out bond freak.I'll have to see it in the theatre.I liked casino rolal,,,it depicted bond more realistically,,,and craig was good.

brocasarea said...

i just didnt like this really sucked:)