Monday, January 05, 2009

our new year celebrations!

the guruprasad family went for a very unique year-end family camp and ushered in the new year in a very different manner...

here're some snippets which should give you an idea...

- imagine a 70 acre campus in the midst of villages (kolwan village in paud, which is a 2-hour drive off lonavala beyond pawna dam)
- imagine more than 500 people across all age-groups staying together on a state-of-the-art campus with solar-heated hot water and a huge dining facility, etc.
- imagine people from all over the world including the us, canada, europe, uk, africa, south africa, sri lanka, singapore, hong kong, mauritus, australia, new zealand, indonesia, philippines, etc.
- imagine night-time temperatures plummeting to sub-10 degrees and being able to see millions of stars in the night-sky!
- imagine lectures on the bhagwad geeta and talks by various inspirational speakers
- imagine your children being taken care of with fun-filled activities so that you can attend the sessions without any interruptions
- imagine cultural programs from across the world including a 'dindi' performace, a 'hari-katha' with english commentary, a violin & cello recital (western classical), bhajans sung by veena sahasrabuddhe, a bag-pipes performance, a hi-tech multi-media show called 'surya 108' presented by the youth, etc.
- imagine spending new year's eve chanting the vishnu sahasranama archana with puja, archana, bhajans and celebrations along with 500 other people to usher in the new year!

so that's what we did this new year... and the kids had a blast too!

this was an international family camp organised by the chinmaya mission which we were fortunate to attend. click here to learn more about the place and here for some pics of the place.

p.s. for some amazing photographs of the camp and the venue click on this link - (courtesy suchit nanda)


~nm said...

Sounds quite interesting. So where are your shots of the place and the fun time spent there?

malvika said...

What a great way to start the New Year!!


Anita said...

Sounds like you had a very different - and lovely - time, Guru. Here's wishing you and your family peace, happiness and prosperity in 2009. Happy new year!

geeta khemlani said...

I was there , with my sister in law , it was the best way to usher in the New Year , I just cannot forget it .Hari Om.

rads said...

Thie snaps just came in my email as we are part of it too. Happy new Year! :)

Sairekha said...

What fun!:) Quite a novel start for a new year!:)

Oh which reminds me... Happy New Year GP!:)

Been off blogville for ages... now reopened shop for business!:) Seeya around:)

Suma said...

interesting and different! and a promising start to a new year.

wish you a great year ahead...

Manasi said...

Happy New Year to You and loved ones too, Guru!! this is very inspiring indeed...

We celebrated ours at the Disney World in Orlando :-) 4 days of thrilling-our-minds-and-shaking-the-skeleton-&-spine-variety hehehe!!!

Highly recommend it to you now that prasanna and sunanda are old enough to enjoy this mega-entertainer!!!

Preeti Shenoy said...

Sounds really good.Thanks for this informative post.

Prats said...

That sounds like some good time you have had. And the pictures are so beautiful.
Happy New yera to you and the family...a lil late but better late than never.

Guruprasad said...

@ ~nm : hope you got the pics... i added a link at the end of the post :)

@ malvika : thanks... and sorry for commenting so late!

@ anita : thanks... i know its very late, but wish you and your family the same!

@ geeta : yeah, it was an amazing experience for all of us who were there!

@ rads : :)

@ ziah : i disappeared soon after you appeared... i hope we are both here at the same time for some time! :P

@ suma : thanks suma... wishing you the same!

@ manasi : prasann has been hounding us about a trip abroad... we'll have to di it soon! :)

@ ps : thanks ma'am... :)

Guruprasad said...

@ prats - thanks... i just noticed your comment while clearing up unpublished comments... so thank you :)
(better late than never in my case too i guess :P )