Friday, July 31, 2009

rhyme's not for me

i fret and i fume
and feel out of tune,
and against all my efforts
fate seems immune.

i fall and i rise
for i am unstoppable


rhyme is not for me
it just doesn't have soul,
when telling it as it is,
is actually my goal.

i let you know how i feel
as i lay myself bare,
and if it doesn't fit into a metre
i really don't care.


Prats said...

I don't agree with the title...
Rhyme definitely seems to be working for you....

Nice poem...

ramblings said...

:) could totally relate to that one!!

Prats said...

Loved this one...

Suma said...

you are good at rhyme or telling it like it is..either way we win

it is getting hard to say something other than lovely and awesome to your poetry :)

loved this one too

Guruprasad said...

@ prats : thanks :)

@ ramblings : thanks. we all relate to poems in very different ways!

@ suma : you think you are not able to say anything new... i am not complaining! :)
thanks again (even if i'm sounding like a stuck record)

Shruti said...

:)) *applause* that was niiice :D