Sunday, August 23, 2009


this might be slightly late in the day for many of you, but for those of you who haven't watched the movie 'kaminey' here're some words of advice :


this was my first vishal bharadwaj (vb) film (yeah, sacrilege, i know!!!) and it is not considered as his best film by far... infact a friend who's a vb fan sayd that this film was very 'main-stream commercial' as compared to his earlier films... but i still enjoyed it thoroughly!

i'm not going to bore you with another review here... there are so many reviews out there already...
but i'd like to share some kaminey and vb trivia here with you...

- the song 'dhan te tan' was actually not made for this movie... it was used by vb in a tv serial in the 90s...

- there was apparently much choreography planned for the song dhan ten tan... they just went out there and moved to the music and some of that was captured (i find this hard to believe though)

- vb himself has sung the title track 'kaminey' and his wife rekha bharadwaj (she has sung the catchy 'gendhe ka phool' song in delhi6) is one of the singers of the song 'raat ke dhai baje'

- vb has directed, composed music, written the screenplay and sung for the film... its unhealthy! so much talent concentrated in one person! :P

- he bought the script for $4000 from a nairobi-based writer who he mentored in a scrip-writing workshop in uganda

- this is the debut film for amol gupte who plays the role of one of the key villains - bhope bhau. amol gupte wrote the screen play for the award-winning taare zameen par.

i have now decided to catch up on all the vb movies that i have missed - maqbool, omkara, blue umbrella and makdee. the big boss shudders at the thought! :)


mathatheist said...

Some more trivia.

The writing workshop where Vishal mentored was Maisha - which is founded and run by Mira Nair.

Vishal Dadlani, who is part of the music director duo Vishal-Shekhar sang Dhan Te Nan along with Sukhwinder. Vishal also writes songs and who wrote 'aakhon me teri ajab si ajab si aadayen hai' and the rap for bluffmaster.

Amit said...

CK,Kaminey is by no means a worthy film. Ofcourse everybody hasits own taste and likings and I easily never dislike a movie, but this one. Uff is ridiculous. I think with our stress full lives On full time, we have left our intellectual or entertainment assessment on the side and blindly trust very very creative people like VB. And like VB , many many such people get away with the trash like Kaminey. When I came out of the movies hall, with aheavy head, I wished to call VB on his cell phone and ask, Kaminey..kyoon banaiye.
Kisiki budhi bhrusht ho jaye to koi kya kare. Ravan ki bhi hui thi.
VB owes every movie goer the money back. or on his behalf any one who has liked the movie shoudl be generous and atleast reimburse me my money. Better to Charity!

Mahesh said...

Hi GP, They say "der se aaye par durust aaye" (better late than never). Check out one of his best works "Maqbool". All NSD greats in one movie namely Pankaj Kapoor, Irfan Khan, Naseeruddin Shah and Om Puri. Justice to the movie and characters. VB also had a small stint with the Hollywood great Francis Ford Coppola

Aradhana Ray Vermani said...

Hi Guru! I completely agree with you... Kaminey was a total paisa wasool, though I had honestly not gone to watch such an entertaining mainline movie from VB's stable. A movie-maker should be versatile and brave enough to try out different leagues. Getting slotted doesn't help. Anurag Kashyap also found his true calling with movies like No Smoking, Dev D etc. No one can call Dev D a non-commercial movie, but here's the catch - the treatment of the storyline was what mattered. So is the case with Kaminey. I think, VB has been very focussed about what he wanted out of his actors and the crew. Look at every frame, and you'll know what I mean. We need the likes of VB, Anurag Kashyap, Shashank Gosh as much as we need Madhur Bhandarkar, Imtiaz Ali, Abbas Tyrewala et al. I think Karan Johars and Aditya Chopras should make way for the smarter and more sensible league! High time!

Suma said...

hearing so much about the movie and no way to watch it unless i find some willing soul to be with the kids!

Guruprasad said...

@ mathatheist : thanks for the trivia! :)
vishal dadlani has started a campaign against the shivaji statue in the bay of bombay.

@ amit : there have been some people who have not liked the film and you seem to be one of them. but i honestly quite liked it, except for the ending of course :)

@ aradhana : i'm not surprised you liked it as well :)
but i think the kjs and his ilk also serve their purpose... sometimes we need candy floss type flicks too! :)

@ suma : you have to watch it! find some willing soul... 'im sure there will be lots of people who would be willing... write out an appeal in your blog! :P

Shalini Surendran said...

Sadly, I did not find the movie to be so exciting; may be cos it was highly over rated by the media.