Wednesday, November 25, 2009

all i do is wait

all i do is wait
for a twist of fate
or a turn of events.

i seem to be standing
at the edge of a bottomless canyon,
waiting for a circumstantial nudge.

i expect cataclysmic events will unfold:
the cosmic soup will be bubbling
the infinite oceans will be seething
and the universe in my head
will go into labour.

new stars will be born
destinies rewritten
fortunes will be foretold
empires will crumble as i watch
and my sun will be on the ascendant.

but i am clueless
when it will all begin
and what will trigger it
and how.
all i can do is wait
for it to unfold,
spiral outward to the end
and beyond.

and then finally settle down
into an ocean of calm
where i watch my reflection
and see you smile back at me.


ramblings said...

wow!! that was so lovely! inspired stuff for sure. great to see you in such perfect poetic form. lovely words and imagery. thoroughly enjoyed it. waiting for the spark too, which would trigger off more passionate poetry! :)

Guruprasad said...

@ramblings : thanks... and i'm waiting for the conflagration! :)

ashamurthy said...

that was a really good poem, Mr. Guruprasad. I really enjoyed it.