Thursday, November 19, 2009

a birthday gift!

i got this poem from a dear friend on my birthday... had to share it here with all of you! :)

(i won't blame you if you think i'm going through a narcissistic phase here! :P )


I tried it all!

Shopping at the mall,

Another painting for your wall,

But liked nothing at all.

So I thought,

And I thought

And after thinking a lot,

This brilliant idea I got!

If not a book or a tee,

Or a tie or CD,

The least I can do,

Is write a b’day rhyme for you!

So! Uncle Guru,

Your 40! It’s true.

Don’t feel so blue,

For you haven’t caught the flu!

Soon enough though

Your hair will no longer grow

But don’t be so low,

For your bald head will glow!

Even when it’s bright,

You may feel that it’s night

And Thanks to faulty eyesight

You’ll want to put on the light!

when Prasann your son

is playing in the sun,

he’ll beg you to join in the fun,

but you’ll say, “Oh! My backache’s begun!”

“Sunanda! Where is my cane?

Walking is a strain.

It causes my body such pain”

You’ll sigh in vain, “I wish I was 20 all over again!”

Memory loss will come soon

You’ll leave your keys in the bathroom.

And wonder whether it’s April May or June

While heading to the clinic, in a party costume!

“I can’t seem to find the other shoe!

Where ARE you Niru?”

“But it’s time for bed, Guru!

Look at the time, its true!”

And Alas! To read,

A pair of thick spectacles you’ll need,

They’ll be sitting on your head,

Still you’ll reach for your wife’s instead!

Breathe! I’m only kidding!

Don’t look so forbidding!

To take your case is my thing,

Read ahead, cuz I’m still writing…

I can’t do this anymore,

I fear it might become a bore,

I stretched the truth, and even lied

But I can’t insult you anymore, I tried!

So listen to the other side,

Take this in your stride,

For 40’s a milestone

And not a reason to groan!

You’re twenty away from 60

And already feeling 50

But you’re a young man of 40

Who at heart is only 30

You’re talented and poetic,

At your age you’re so energetic!

A movie buff, a music lover

There’s so much u still have to discover.

You are a great sport,

A constant support.

You’re a teacher, a guide

And just knowing you fills me with pride.

There’s so much you’ve taught…

Such joy you’ve brought..

That it’s impossible to say

How grateful I am, in just a day.

it’s your birthday today,

and I wish and pray,

that you find your way,

smiling, each day.


Shruti said...

Happy Birthday, fellow scorpion! I can bet u had an awesome day! Wish u happiness and satisfaction all through the coming year :)

Cool poem yaar.. such a long one, but not a bit boring like the 'poet' mentioned! :D

Veena said...

I read your blog once in a while - though I rarely comment :)

But this poem was beautiful :) Belated Happy Birthday Guru !

Veena said...

I read your blog once in a while - though I rarely comment :)

But this poem was beautiful :) Belated Happy Birthday Guru !

Guruprasad said...

@shruti : hey! happy birthday to you too! :)

@veena : thanks for dropping in and commenting. and thanks for the birthday wishes too. will pass on your message to the poet! :)
keep dropping by.

ramblings said...

:) Belated wishes! So starting 40...set the ball rolling!! :)

Naveen said...

@just passing by .... belated happy b'day ... nice poem .

jedimanifesto said...

Nice poem. A belated birthday wish, guru. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Manasi said...

Happy B'day Guru... 40s is always the charm... and it doesn't feel like wisdom took away much youth as a price :-) as for me, i am still paying the price before i hit the 40s myself...

by the way, i am coming back to India for good... Delhi most certainly it will be. Have some good leads with Yes Bank and Nomura and the likes... i am so excited about this new phase that i am telling everybody i know in the US to come back to India...

best wishes,

Vibha said...

Really cute poem for a Birthday Gift. Belated Birthday wishes. :-)

Vibha said...

Really cute poem for a birthday gift. Belated Birthday Wishes! :-)

Jayaram said...

Dear GP,
Happy belated Birthday!
I enjoy reading your blog, but never comment..A beautiful poem....
a wonderful birthday gift!

chris said...

hi guru;
have a great year ahead
why do we still feel like teens
the bygone years are merely dreams
the best is ahead
lets meet it with a steady head

dare & do & win

Shobha S Iyer said...

A very good poem indeed. U r always fun GP bhaiya tho 40 is nothing at all....

Sanjay said...

Hi Guru, So now I know why you guys disapeeraed on weekend:-)
Anyway, belaed happy birthday. I know this is stretching the "BELATED", but then its BEtter LATE than ...

Achintya said...

Wait, you're FORTY?! I could've sworn you were in your late 20s! :O

Swapnaja said...

Hello Guru, I always read ur blogs but never did comment.But had 2 write after readin the poem.

Its a damn good one and surely u had a gr8 time then.

Belated happy b'dy and may u have wonderful time in all the years to come.

mathatheist said...

Sweet poem. :) Happy Belated Birthday.

Pramodini said...

The best thing I liked about the poem is the word 'Uncle'. That's so cute, Guru!! I can see you put your head down and grin with eyes half closed (hoping no one had read that word!!!)... Yeah, I love it! :)
I wished you on 17th, but however, what's in wishing once again! Happy FORTIETH BIRTHDAY, my friend!

Neha said...

Great poem... hilarious.. whoever wrote it really knows u well..

have a great year ahead...

Shalini Surendran said...

Hey Guru,

Better late than never! :)
Belated Happy B'day!

...n the poem is so cute, from a friend who knows you in and out! And i am sure it would have made your day!

Have a rocking year ahead! :)


Shalini Surendran said...

Hey Guru,

Better late than never! :)
Belated Happy B'day!

...n the poem is so cute, from a friend who knows you in and out! And i am sure it would have made your day!

Have a rocking year ahead! :)


Guruprasad said...

@ramblings : yeah, the ball is going to roll downhill from here! :)

@naveen : thanks... keep dropping in!

@vibha : i agree! thanks :)

@manasi : thanks... and its amazing news to hear that you are coming back! :)
all the best and keep me posted!

Guruprasad said...

@jedimanifesto : thanks! and had a fun time... went out for dinner with family which is always fun! :)

@jayarambhai : thanks so much! wonderful to see your comment here for the first time! :)

@chris : thanks buddy! vincenti dabitur! :)

@shobha : thanks! and i like it when people say 40 is just the beginning! :)

@sanjay : thanks sir! :)
but we didn't disappear anywhere over the weekend! had to take prasann for a football match on sat and had to go to a friend's place for lunch on sunday! :)

Guruprasad said...

@achintya : just for that you deserve a huge treat! :)

@swapnaja : thanks for commenting for the first time! :) hope to see you more often... and thanks for the birthday wishes too. :)

@mathatheist : thanks ma'am! :)
how's the preparations coming along for the d day? i'm hoping to be there!

@pramodini : thaks so much again! :)
(how rude!!! but coming from you, its not rude actually! :) )

@neha : thanks neha! (though i'm wondering what you found hilarious! i've such a fragile male ego! :-| )

Guruprasad said...

@shalini : hey! good to hear from you here! :)

Poornima said...

Hi GP .

That's a beautiful idea of a gift and an even more beautiful poem:)

Wish you a belated Happy Birthday and a wonderful life ahead. cheers

Guruprasad said...

@poornima : thanks :)
and this poem was written by someone you know... try guess who!