Monday, December 31, 2007

saved the best for last?

just saw taare zameen par this afternoon. had read enough reviews and got feedback from friends who had already seen it and couldn't miss it.

it was exactly what i had expected from the film, an aamir khan film. (i think even if he hadn't directed it himself, he would have ensured it was treated the same way!)

its definitely worth a watch. so don't miss it. given the timing of its release, i think it will be rated as the best film of the year 2007 and also be a hit in 2008!

darsheel safary as ishaan awasthi, the dyslexic kid, and tisca chopra as his mother get my votes for the best actors in the film. and i think the film would have been as wonderful even if aamir khan had got anyone else to play his role in the film. the subject matter and the way it was dealth with would have ensured that. don't you agree?

the movie, like most of our films, ends on a happy note. that's part of aamir's formula for commercial success and you can't hold that against him.

but life doesn't always have happy endings in store for such dyslexic people. but the film at least increases awareness and attempts to sensitise people to this phenomenon.

like i said earlier, its a film you must watch. if you haven't already!

p.s. i would be lying if i said that i did not have moist eyes during some of the poignants portions of the film. (so be ready for some 'moist eyes' yourself!)


Thinking aloud said...

i watched taare zameen par and came way happy and teary-eyed!!

i liked te way the film addressed so many pertinent issues - dyslexia, the futility of our education system, the ambitious parents and the need for dedicated teachers.

i have two sons and i recently lived in Delhi where kids are all the while being shuffled from one high duty class to another!

Guruprasad said...

suma, i agree that the film addressed some pertinent issues. but i am not sure about the 'futility of our education system'.

this prompts me to write another post :)