Friday, December 07, 2007

when tv was a celebration

(this post was suggested by my brother.)

i don't know about you, but i remember the days when a television set used to be a big luxury. where i grew up, it used to be as rare as a 'vertu' phone is today, maybe more so :-)

and tv watching used to be a social event. those were the days of black & white tv and a solitary 'doordarshan' channel. and the programs were beamed only for a limited number of hours each day. and weekends were the high points when we all trooped to the houses of one of the more 'fortunate' ones to take in the weekly dose of a regional language film on saturdays, a children's english film on sunday mornings and a hindi film on sunday evenings.

it was not a rare sight to see an entire family visit another family so that they could watch tv together. and the news break was an occasion to have some tea and snacks too :-)

and there was no mtv, can you imagine??? only some rare telecasts of the grammy nominees or an occasional collection of the european 'top of the pops'! with artists in sequined dresses performing in clubs with disco lights!

those were the days of star trek, and fireball xl5, and 'go kart go' and lucy ball. and buniyaad, of course :-)

and we used to lap all this up so eagerly. each film or episode would be discussed at length in schools and playgrounds.

but today we have a surfeit of channels offering you everything you could ever possibly want. but we don't find anything worthwhile to watch. and we don't even have any excuses to visit neighbours for a movie and some tea and snacks. we prefer doing this in secondlife! :-)


~nm said...

Oh what a nostalgic post about the TV times from yesteryears.

I used to love the animation that would come when the Doordarshan would start airing in the evening with their logo forming a shape out of smudged up circle. Remember that? I wish I can have that animation and see it again now! I used to simply love it!

And remember those "Sorry for the interruption" messages where they would show a broken slipper? I really think that was such a funny way to depict the interruption of services :)

Cuckoo said...

What a way to remind us of our childhood !

I agree with NM here. So many great & good memories. In fact, quite a few can be made in posts. Let me see when I get time to do that.

I loved that "Rukatwat ke liye khed hai" too. And that "Ek chidiya anek chidiyan" song. :-)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Keep visiting.

bindu said...

i cud remember our old black N white Bush TV and we used to watch DD + DD metro channels

At times our TV antenna on the terrace wud change directions due 2 wind and v carry a long bamboo 2 to set it back.

i remember chayageet, chitrahaar, superhit mukabala, spiderman, heman, 1 2 3 4, old hindi, marathi, regional movies..... etc i can go on ... the list is endless.

Swati said...

Ohh even I did a similiar post some time back :)

Guruprasad said...

~nm, i remember my dad used to have the tv on on mute even before the doordarshan logo came on with its signature tune :-)

hi cuckoo - another amazing cartoon like 'ek chidiya' was the one about the 'tree of unity'. remember that one? :-)

bindu, in those days it used to be aluminium tv ariels. today you see dish antennas :-)

hi swati, saw your post too. such posts always are nostalgic. and even though we might think our kids have missed out on all this, they will have their own memories to be nostalgic about.