Monday, March 31, 2008

the young shall rule the world!

that should actually read as 'the younger sibling shall rule the world'!

its twice in the last couple of days that i have been part of a discussion involving the younger sibling in families with two kids. (i am sure this is equally for people with more than two kids :P )

ok, here's the theory.

the younger of two siblings is always tougher, more independent, more assertive and more aggressive than the older one. they seem to have a mind of their own and typically will not get bullied by the elder sibling. on the contrary, it is more likely that they are the ones terrorising the older one!

do you also agree with this theory? if you are a parent of two kids do you believe this is true in the case of your kids? even if you are not a parent or a parent with only one child, have you seen evidence around you which proves this theory?

i was trying to understand why this is the case? and here's what i could come up with -

1. the parents of the second kid are usually are usually self-proclaimed veterans at child rearing and are far more sacked-out! (have you seen at any gathering, when kids play and end up fighting or bawling, the single-kid parents are usually on their feet trying to resolve the problem. while the two-kids parent continue munching on their bhajias or sipping their drink... confident that whatever the problem, the kids will sort it out among themselves!)

2. the older sibling is told by the parents that they have to protect the younger sibling. what the parents don't realise is that they take this very seriously but it is the elder ones who typically need protection from the younger!

3. the younger ones learn all about life (which basically means getting their way around and knowing the weak spots of the parents, siblings and friends) pretty quick and usually from the elder siblings.

like i said... the young shall rule the world. how do i know, you ask? well i should.. i was the eldest among three kids!


Prats said...

Agree 100% with you. I'm witness to all the fights and have gone through all kinds of war routines...but now I relish my bhajjias much more :D
They can pull each other's hair still wont affect me ..heheh


**the older sibling is told by the parents that they have to protect the younger sibling. **

Many times we do make a mistake here...why is it that we assume, that the one second while the younger one was being born, the older child suddenly has to grow up and become an adult. I've never had answes to it...I would say, that they should let the child be...and let him be the child that he is...isn't that what he was a few seconds ago...where you were still thinking of him/her as your baby??

~nm said...

Agree completely here. I'm a live example here. Not of the bully but of the one who was bullied!

We are 4 sisters (me the 3rd) and in younger days when we older 3 would gang up against our youngest one, we would still lose!! Can you beat that? 3:1 ratio and still losing the battle? Reminds me of the Sholay movie dialogue? "Kitne aadmi the?" :D

brocasarea said...

but in my house my big brother is ruling! [coz he works..we 2(me and my twin) are still studying]..:(..[every rule has an exception]

Ps said...

Oh yes--It is true completely.I did a dissertation once about how order of birth determines the personlaity of an individual, in one of my papers.Thereare scietific studies done that prove the same.

Keshi said...

and Im the youngest in my family and I DO RULE alot LOL!


Gazal said...

i didn't want the order of birth to be the bone of contention amongst my kids,so decided to go in for just one.....he rules,without any competition! !

Tys on Ice said...

u think? iam the middle son ..and i hve two brothers ( damn , tht sounded like an IQ test)...i hve always thought my elder bro is the aggressive one and my younger bro is clever one...iam the meek idiot in the family...

Joy said...

I totally agree - younger one is the aggressive one.

Thinking aloud said...

drat... tys beat me to it...

being the middle one is very mom's still figuring me out...

Roop Rai said...

argh! how i hated being the oldest!! :D

MP3 e MP4 said...
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Guruprasad said...

@prats : i know exactly what you mean :)
yes, we do sometimes tend to be unfair on the older sibling.

@~nm : :D
i can just imagine one spunky chit of a girl beating all her elder sisters black n blue :P

@brocasarea : yes, i agree... but the exception proves the rule :)

@ps : there i knew there had to be something scientific to this whole thing... and trust you to point that out :)

@keshi : have fun... till you have your own kids and they have you pulling your own hair :P

@gazal : hmmm...

@tys-on-ice : i think i should actually ask your brothers for a better description of their brother. i'm sure they'll have some interesting things to say :)

@joy : thanks for taking my side :)

@TA : :D
let us know what her final interpretation is when she does figure you out!

@roop rai : join the gang :)