Wednesday, December 10, 2008

the day time stood still!

today i retraced my steps
went back to the beginning
of time
much before the world
was created
and much before
i reached out to you!

there too
i was searching for you
and i kept looking
at the horizon
for you to appear
and i waited,
through births, and deaths
through creation and destruction
through the waxing and the waning
through ebb and neap tides
through heaven and through hell!

and as i watched
you brushed past me
and turned and said you were sorry
and smiled with your eyes
and moved on.
that's when
my world as it existed
came to an end,
time stopped still
and another chapter
was begun on a new page.

now the moon has found
its orbit around the star
and it keeps moving in
closer over the millennia
waiting for the day
when it will eventually
be sucked in completely
and get completely


ramblings said...

wow! that was beautiful, and somehow very intense!!

Guruprasad said...

@ramblings : thanks :)