Friday, December 19, 2008

how i wish!

i wish

moths wouldn't lead
such tragic lives,
and the sun wouldn't burn itself out
while traversing the heavens.

or the caterpillar wouldn't trap itself
in a cocoon of its own making,
and the moon wouldn't wax till
it becomes a shadow of its former self.

i wonder and search for answers
to still the turmoil within.

that's when you walk across the banks
of my ocean of consciousness
and the tumultuous waves subside
and in the clear crystal waters,
the answers reveal themselves to me.

the moth finds eternal glory
in the flame of knowledge,
and the sun lights up countless others
and breathes life into stone.

the caterpillar emerges as
a butterfly bright crimson and blue,
and the moon becomes a diadem
adorning the deep night sky!

now i wish

you were by my side
watching the moon wane
and light up the warm nights!


ramblings said...

that was lovely, and so well put. mustve taken a lot of thought...expressed so well. liked the first part especially, the 'negative' thought! the words strung so well.

Guruprasad said...

@ramblings : thanks again! actually most of my poems are not thought out. in fact when i feel like writing i have no clue what i am going to write! :P