Wednesday, April 01, 2009

at the ocean's edge

i sat at the ocean's edge
for three days at a stretch,
watching her every move
as her waves crept up and drenched me.

i could taste her salt in the wind
as it whipped against my face.
she supported life within her
and at arm's length i waited
for her life-saving embrace.

i was thirsty, parched
my lips cracked
but not a drop could she spare
to quench my thirst.

and finally defeated, i stood
to turn back home.
and that's when the cloud burst
and she reached out to me
from the heavens!


Achintya said...



sunitha said...

excellent.......hari om

Guruprasad said...

@ achintya : thanks :)

@ sunitha : thanks and hari om! :)

jane said...

lovely, guru
i think your poetry is much more evocative than prose