Sunday, April 05, 2009

sun and sand and a good time!

the golden square gang was at it again! doing what we love doing... we used the holiday last friday and went on a weekend getaway... this time it was to the coastal city of karwar.

we were 10 families, 37 individuals... the youngest was a little over a year old and the oldest was... (i am not telling you our secrets! it makes me feel too old actually! :P )

we had booked cottages at the devbagh beach resort which is a beautiful resort with furnished cottages, log-huts and tents situated in the midst of a dense casuarina grove. the resort is on prime property, right next to the devbagh beach with clean, beautiful sandy beaches and blue-green waters of the arabian sea.

we took the matsyagandha express from mumbai which is a convenient train to reach karwar and the kids always enjoy a good train ride. it always adds a sense of adventure to any trip!

we spent three days at the resort and didn't move out for any local sight-seeing, though there are many options in the vicinity. but we still had a action-packed and fun-filled time at the resort itself.

we were taken out to the deep sea for a joy-ride and we were hoping to see some dolphins which can be spotted here... but we were not lucky. though one of our team members was luckier and he managed to spot some dolphins the next day when he had gone snorkelling.

we also managed a few water sports including a banana-boat ride, water scooter rides, kayaking, etc. and these were activities which even the kids could do safely... and they had a whale of a time! we also spent a lot of time at the beach... and it was so refreshing as compared to the beaches in mumbai... it was far less crowded, the sand was golden, the water was also so clean... the kids and adults alike did not want to step out of the water!

the food was also very good... not the usual greasy punjabi food that you get in most of the resorts... here they served a lot of local dishes which everybody enjoyed... since we were the largest group at the resort, they even asked us if we would like any specific dish prepared... and they made some amazing local crab preparation (as reported by the carnivores in the group! :P )

while the kids did their own thing, we adults played antakshari, dumb charades, taboo, teen-patti, etc. but the highlight of the trip was the impromptu game of throw-ball that we came up with... we played on the last two days and they were very exciting matches... each point was hard-fought... the only problem was that in the enthusiasm we'd forgotten that our bodies were no longer as young as they used to be... we were all aching all over after the trip! :P

so if you are looking for a relaxed weekend to destress yourself, then karwar is the place to head for!

here are the pics of our trip which will give you an idea of the place and the activities

and here are some amazing nature pictures from karwar

(all pics courtesy - murli nambiar)


Preeti Shenoy said...

Mmmmm..missing Indian food right now!
Glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely place. Loved the nature photos. Will definitely plan a visit to Karwar sometime when I am back in India.


Sandeep Gupta

Yogesh Naik said...

Karwar - Devbagh Resort is always about the unforgettable holiday experience for the discerning nature lover....

Nice Post...

christopher said...

hey guru
glad to see yuppies going back to nature.
your blog is always clean and refreshing

Prats said...

Have been hearing about this place...and now this post makes me wanna go too....
nice to hear the family had a great time

Suma said...

10 families? wow!

that is one huge party..and a sure recipe for fun...

Anonymous said...

Now thats a great place to be.. Thanks for sharing the pics..

Guruprasad said...

@ preeti : how do you manage indian food there? do you get all the stuff to cook at home?

@ sandeep : you must try go there. its really the place to unwind! (will tell murli about the pics!)

@ yogesh : your home-town was a really wonderful... memorable trip for us! :)

@ chris : thanks buddy... do keep dropping in!

@ prats : go, just go... you'll thank me for it! :)

@ suma : its great fun when you have a bunch of like-minded people who are all clear about having fun!

@ puja : thanks for dropping in! glad you liked the pics. :)