Friday, April 03, 2009

lazy sunny afternoon

i lie on my back
on this grassy knoll
content watching the clouds
as they form strange patterns
in my head.

a lazy stream gurgles
somewhere nearby
as it meanders across
trying to find meaning
through its wandering
towards the sea beyond
the distant horizon.

she's also lying beside me
maybe dozing
or is that her humming
my favourite song?
we both don't utter a word
lest we disturb the
comfortable silence
cocooning us.

her delicate perfume
wafts across and mingles with
the smell of the grass
crushed under our bodies
and makes for a heady mixture
that i inhale deeply.

i shut my eyes softly
and now
i'm at peace with the universe.


Anonymous said...

i shut my eyes softly
and now
i'm at peace with the universe.

Like, in our childhoods. I wish I could live it all over again! :-)

Preeti Shenoy said...

Sounds like a perfect day!Liked it!

Divya said...

Wah Wah Wah! just loved it...

of the silent harmony with nature attempting to silence the meandering thought stream in our heads :-)

zimbly beautiful!

Suma said...



Guruprasad said...

@ I'm : yeah, just like in our childhood... we relive it in our heads!

@ preeti : thanks... waiting to read your poem!

@ divya : thanx :)

@ suma : thanx :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nice Poem man... Seems that you are an exciting writer, I liked your way of describing things and outting your imagination into proper words by framing it well...
Keep it up and do write some inspirational poem or story...