Friday, December 22, 2006

delhi vs. mumbai - III (the final chapter)

in this posting i share my two-bits about people. and i also attempt to cover the topics suggested by some of you.

8. people - its finally the people that define a city. and this is where we see most of the stark differences between the mumbaikar and the dilliwala.

a. clothes - i've noticed that the average the average dilliwala (especially the ladies) are much better turned out than their mumbai counterpart. even if a tad louder than my taste, the delhi youngster is wearing trendier clothes (most often branded) and accessories.
in mumbai - you wouldn't be surprised to find youngsters wearing some casual jeans and t-shirts unless they are going out for a party or occasion.

b. attitude - the average dilliwalla on the road is a lot more aggressive than the mumbaikar. he is louder, brash and pushier.
but the mumbaikar is a survivor. and when push comes to shove, they stand by each other. (remember 26/7?) the mumbaikar is a lot 'cooler' and has a more easy-going take on life. but don't let that fool you. you will find the average mumbaikar fairly sharp, professional, and a no-nonsense person.

c. ostentatiousness - no guesses here :-)
the dilliwalla loves spending and showing it off. with flashing pink neon strips added on, just in case you missed the new 'big' car. 'big' is the operative term here. everything is usually bigger in delhi as compared to mumbai - bigger cars, houses, television sets, bigger appetites, and bigger egos!

d. connections - do you know any dilliwalla who is not connected to someone, somewhere (where it matters). its almost de rigeur to know someone if you want to get something done. and the 'something' is usually something 'not exactly legal or according to the book'!

e. fine arts - delhi has a much stronger theatre culture among the people than in mumbai. and you will also find more artists, writers, poets, etc.
but in mumbai you will find a lot more music appreciation than in delhi - be it classical (carnatic or hindustani), light (ghazals), rock/pop/jazz, western classical, etc.
and finally in mumbai you have bollywood. that you just can't beat!

that about sums up my very own biased version of the difference between the two great cities.

for me the verdict is very clear - give me mumbai any day!

what's your vote?


nani said...

i m not sure about the theater part. for mumbai, i can bet that theater - english & hindi - is thriving though things do give the impression of not being effortless, of being on the brink & only bcoz of the painful efforts of a few. the Marathi man, of course, is traditionally theater-literate and proudly so.

shekhar said...

Hi Guru

I think the most core part of life is friendship, socialism like if there is any mishappening in delhi neighbour are very supportive in delhi as compare to mumbai.

So I would only say delhi is heart of India even you can find this out in India map as well


Partha said...

Hi Guru,

I mostly agree with you. Delhi has evolved over years & has caught up with other cultured cities in many ways. Today theatre, international movies, musics, ballets - all are getting its share in Delhi. However, it is the "in thing" and not necessarily audience is always the appreciative type.

I would love to be in Delhi with some Mumbaikar's attitude and professionalism thrown in. Quality of life is still much better in Delhi (except for utter disrespect to fellow citizens).


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I have stayed in Mumbai (a few month) and Delhi (for 8 years). Well I agree with Guru on a lot of areas. A few comments that i wuld like to make.

1. Delhi people are a bit brash, pushy and inquisitive unlike Mumbaikars. However, in Delhi you will find people to be generally warm.

2. Work Culture: Better in Mumbai

3. Houses: Cheap and spacious in Delhi

4. Electricity: Mumbai scores over Delhi. GHAZIABAD/Gurgaon/Noida are in a bad state wrt this.

5. Water: A bit bad in Delhi.

6. Temperature/Climate-- Extreme in Delhi. Although, Mumbai is bad for almost 3-4 months due to very heavy rains. Delhi is better. Winters obviously.

7. People- Showoffs in Delhi. People like big cars, expensive clothes and like to showoff unlike mumbaikars. Girls are better (lookwise).

8. Education: Better or Equivalent.

9. Food: Authentic food in Delhi. North and South both. Sea I can't say.

10. Roads: Somewhat better in Delhi

11: Jobs: U have opportunities in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad. But if u really want to make money i believe Mumbai is a better option. Finance guys its a place for you. IT guys shuld come to Delhi. Salaries are a bit low in Delhi but living conditions compensate for that.

12. Infrastructure: Delhi is improving. Commonwealth may bring in more sops from the Govt.

13. Architecture: Delhi is mostly Mughal & English. Mumbai: Places like Juhu, Marine Drive, Colaba are really great. But others like Mulund, Ghatkopar suck.

14. Malls: Better in Delhi but very crowded. Although Mumbai has stores that offer latest designs.

15. Cinema halls: Equivalent. Mumbai a bit better if mediocre ones are considered for comparison.

16. Transport: Need to have ur vehicle in Delhi. An essntial.

17. Greenry: Delhi is better. But new flyovers / construction is destroying the flaura...

18. People who suck: Punjabi's in Delhi......Guju's in Mumbai :))These guys have spoilt the culture of both the cities.

It ur choice guys...if u have frds //family in delhi u like it...same goes for Mumbai....::))

Taha said...

Nice comparison Guru- quite objective. I am a born and bred Mumbaikar (or Bombayite as I prefer) though I've been abroad for the last few years.

Nothing beats Mumbai - however, the infrastructure, the traffic and congestion seems to be going from bad to worse. Also the local trains are the biggest lifeline of Mumbai, but they require a serious upgrade. The sea-view and the people are the best though. No one can beat Mumbai at their attitude to life.

Anonymous said...

hey man, I dnt know abt mumbai but im in delhi for over 21 years, here`s my observations-
the goods:
improving infrastructure, expanding metro & green buses, many mnc`s ,the cool punjabi culture & world class education(im an iitian :) )

the bad:
hot summers, unnecesary large area of delhi, some areas r highly conjusted, the bribe culture in govt. places & the huge migrant population from up & bihar they r ruining this great city

Guruprasad said...

@ anonymous - i agree with some of the points you've raise... but not so sure if the migrants from up and bihar are the problem!

@ taha - very true... there's so much more that can be done in this city... but give me mumbai anytime :)

@ anonymous - i like your list of 18 comparisons... but why do i get the feeling you are slightly biased towards delhi? :P

@ partha - i agree... ideally it would be great if we could take the best of both places and imbibe those aspects in both the places :)

@ shekhar - i don't fully agree that mumbaikars are as cold and callous as that... but i understand what you mean.

@ nani - i completely agree... marathi theatre is actually thriving... much more than marathi cinema

Vrushali Panindre said...

The discussion over here has been so much more Dignified than other discussions on the Web. Kudos guys.

But sorry, I am no one to comment on Delhi. I am a mumbaikar, never been to Delhi.

maintain the decorum