Friday, December 29, 2006

my affair with the television!

i am a confirmed tv addict. ask my wife (she's an authority on this. she's actually the highest authority on most things at home! and i'm not saying this just because she reads my blogs! :-))

we have not had a tv set in our house ever since we got married and moved into our own house (i.e. from sometime in 1997. and for my own sake, i hope i got the year right!). we both decided that if our marriage had to survive we would have to do without a tv set at home!

why do i call myself a tv addict then, you ask?

i used to be the kinds who could sit up and watch hbo till the wee hours of morning every single day and then manage to go college/office the next day, albeit much later than what you would call a 'decent' hour. even now when i sit facing a tv set i realise that i have not managed to kick the habit even after such a long hiatus. i have absolutely no sensory perceptions of the entire external world; my jaws slacken; i cease to perform whatever activity i am performing, no matter how critical or interesting and stare at the screen with awe. even if it is an ad for super-absorbent diapers playing for the umpteenth time!

and i also am guilty of, if you are a stickler for technicalities, what you might label as, 'cheating in marriage'. i catch up on all my tv viewing when i am travelling. i sometimes end up watching 3-4 movies back-to-back especially if the next day is a non-working day. and if the next day happens to be a working day, i severely restrict myself and watch only 2-3 movies. (but before any of you get any ideas of squealing on me, i have already confessed to my wife!)

till we had kids, people who visited us used to be amazed about the fact that we didn't have a tv set at home. some even thought it abnormal and wanted nothing to do with us, in case they caught the bug too!

and now that we have 2 kids there is this constant barrage of advise, that we are at the receiving end of, about our 'no tv' status. there are many people who also have kids who feel it is a very healthy idea since the kids are not glued to the 'box' throughout the day. and there are an equal number of vocal representatives from the opposite camp who believe that our kids are being deprived of some very valuable inputs during their formative years. (and i am sure they are not referring to the 'k' soaps, or the wrestling mania, or the raunchy music videos on most of the channels!)

so i've decided to put this up for inputs from the 'discerning, mature, balanced readers of my blog with a world-view' (i hope all those adjectives do the trick!) and see which way this debate swings.

so do send in your comments. the world is waiting to hear you! (well, at least i am.)

p.s. yes, i do miss tv the most during the world cup season (football & cricket) but that also gives me an opportunity to drop in and bond with friends in the neighbourhood; who are also grateful for my presence since it gives them an excuse to play the graceful host and not get told off by their wives!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guru:

Well, that's probably one of the most entertaining and addictive affairs one can have with a non-human... While I too am a self confessed TV addict, the only difference is I have mastered the art of not being caught while doing it... Luckily for my hubby is a bigger one (but only with selected news channels, NatGeo, Discovery, HBO, Star Movies, Zee Studio, Sony Pix...PHEW!) who can't go to sleep without watching the TV at night (or at whatever time of the day)! And like any topic, this affair has its pros and cons (not that you're not already aware of this!). But I can safely be placed in the pro-category... while it's 'addiction' can be extremely annoying at most times to the partner at the receiving also breaks the monotony of the routine... Now this statement can become self contradictory since watching TV can also become a mechanical and a mundane activity, I've realised.

While its effect(s) on us adults is yet to be enlisted, it is also important to reflect on its effects on children... Wonder what would children-focused brands / products do without TV as a communication medium... No Pogo, No Cartnoon Networks, No Disney, No Hungama...Therefore no Pokemon dolls craze... No Beyblade / Power rangers T-shirts and accessories... No watching Bournvita quiz contest...(the list can be endless)?

These raunchy music videos will then be difficult to choreograph for the kids dance competition whether in the neighbourhood or in the school (unless the child is enrolled into a dance school)...

These days the kids play extremely important decision making roles in the purchase process... They acquire most of this background knowledge / info from the idiot box... Consider, if there were no TV at all...what would the world be like... awareness of the world around would become so restricted...

I feel, especially in cases like yours, mine and my hubby's, we should have an adult - cum - child lock whose password remains only with the spouse who is less affected by the addiction... Better still, subscribe to CAS... playing only those channels which are allowed for home-viewing...But the controls again remain in the hands of the controller ;o)

Another thing that pops up in my mind... doesn't meditation help curb this urge? Ya, yeh sab bhi maya hai? ELEC-Niranjan!