Tuesday, December 05, 2006

elevator pitch!

it's very interesting to observe how people interact with elevators/lifts in their daily lifes. it ranges from the bizarre to the inexplicable and even outright hilarious! i believe these actions clearly reflect our personality, as well as our attitude towards life in general!

the sceptic - this person will walk up to the elevator and press the 'call' button, irrespective of the fact that there are about 5-6 people waiting before him and that the button is already lit up indicating that someone has already done the needful! i guess he assumes that all the the others assembled there love to stand around all day and watch the elevator doors opening and closing.

the hyper-active - this person will not stop at pressing the button like the sceptic. he will continue to keep jabbing at the button every 30 seconds or so. i'm sure the people around feel safe that he prefers to jab at the button, to keep himself occupied, than jabbing at them!

the aggressive - this person takes the cake! he will lean on the button continuously. i suspect he believes there is some correlation between the amount of pressure exerted on the button and the speed with which the lift moves!

the zombies - these are the ones (i'm one of these) who, after summoning the lift, keep staring at the floor indicator with such intensity as if some great truth is going to flash on the screen!

the hummer - this person is a chronic type who will keep humming some inane, obscure tune in a patently off-key fashion and somehow believes that the others cannot hear him. i am sure they do the same whenever they get into any closed cubicle space, whether its at their work-place or in the bathroom.

the starer - you've seen this one. and many of us also do this every time we get into a lift. we stare directly ahead at the door as if nobody else exists around us. we keep staring, with sudden interest, at all the minute details and intricacies of the door. and if there is any 'politically incorrect' graffiti on the door, we stare right through it as if it doesn't exist at all.

so which one are you? or are you a type which i have not listed above? do tell :-)


bindu said...

this article was fantastic

Garima said...

Another category is what can be christened as suffering from the 'local train effect'...these would always without fail want to enter the elevator before the person inside exits it!

susan said...

this is some funny stuff!! i wud say im the hyper active one!! which one were u