Sunday, March 16, 2008


have you experienced
anguish before?
i am sure you haven't.
not the kind of anguish
i'm talking about.

the kind which
rubs your nerve-ends raw,
and every breath
a painful reminder.

while i wait
for a glimpse,
a whisper,
some clue.

anything that would help
me get through this day
and make it to the next.
with a dream to span
the night.


Ziah said...

Anguish? Is that what work is doing to you? Lets make it two of us then..:)

Ps said...

Your poetry really speaks to me.Loved this one as well.Intense and manages to convey that depth of angst.

Prats said...

and every breath
a painful reminder.

This was really beautiful the way you've described apt and so poignant

Thinking aloud said...

whoa!!! if being drowned in work does this to you..spouting poetry et al...go drown yourself :D

oh!! loved just loved the last stanza...

Guruprasad said...

@ziah : hey, i'm glad i have esteemed company :)

@Ps : thanks... you always manage to read between the lines and understand the subtle nuances! (i'm worried if you'll also guess the reason for all this poetry spouting now!)

@prats : thanks :)

@TA : yes ma'am, as ordered will keep drowning self and rescuing myself just in time to jot down more such lines :P