Wednesday, March 26, 2008

of girlfriends & lovers - II

big boss's colleague narrated this anecdote to her (which she in turn related to me, and i am now relating to you!)

his son, who's in the sixth grade, was waiting for him to come back from office because he wanted to tell him something. and this was apparently one of the first times he wanted to share it with his father and not his mother!

he then explained that one of the boys in his class had proposed to a girl in the same class that day. and he went on to add that this boy (let's call him P for proposer, for clarity) was part of his (and we'll call him S, as in colleague's son) group. all the groups members had helped him write out his 'love note'. so it was some kind of communal effort with the entire group trying to play cupid.

then came the issue of belling the cat, viz. reaching the note to the object of his desire (let's call her O). now P might have wanted his romantic correspondence to reach O but he was not so that he would want to hand it over himself.

so now for the messenger they requested a girl (and lets call her M) from the same group to do the needful. i guess they must have impressed upon her that it was her bounden duty as a group member to do such tasks for the sake of the emotional well-being of another groupie.

so M went and dutifully handed over the note to O. but the story doesn't end there! M then proceeded to go up to the class teacher and inform her about what had just transpired! :P

we can only imagine what P and O would have gone through! but the teacher apparently did not make too much of a fuss about this incident and only told the entire class that they have enough time for such pursuits later on in life. and that it would be far more sensible to use their time in studies and enjoying life!

talking of love notes in school, i remember the amazing innovations some of my class-mates used to adopt to declare their undying love to their lady-loves when we were in school. (obviously i never did no such thing, and i'm not saying that just because the big boss reads my blog!!!)

the most hilarious one was when a good friend thought he could make use of some basic principles of aero-dynamics to do the job. so he wrote his note and converted the note into a paper aeroplane and launched it towards the lady in question across the row of desks in the tuition class.

but aero-dynamics was not my class mate's strongest subject and he had forgotten to factor in the cross-wind and the impact of the bent ailerons on the flight pattern of his love-missile. suffice to say that the missile crash-landed on the maths tutor's shoulder instead of soft-landing onto the lady's heart!

and to rub salt into his wounds the tutor decided to read it out to the rest of the class!!!


Tys on Ice said...

I bet P is the big boss's colleague's son taking anticipatory bail...

been there, done that.

i once tried to pass on a love note to a girl when i was laid up in the school hospital...the nurse caught my cupid ( an unsuspecting junior who was persuaded to carry a novel with my note in it) enroute to the girls bed...

they chucked me out with my fever and all...had to go to class with a raging fever...tell u, i hve had a tortured life

Shruti said...

:-O spoilsport hmmphh!! Hate it when people come in the way of love..

Ziah said...

so cute! 6th grade conspiracies..:)

Ziah said...

oh.. I blogrolled you... FYI... :)

Joy said...

Your friend's idea of launching a plane and crashing somewhere else is hilarious.

Guruprasad said...

@ tys : you poor man, you! but i still insist here that i have not done any such thing :P

@shruti : i don't know if it was love... but it sure was fun :)

@ziah : i'm honored ma'am! and i liked the title you gave :)
btw, how's the moving process going on?

Guruprasad said...

@joy : definitely hilarious for the rest of us... except the poor chap himself :)

brocasarea said...

haha...i wasnt lucky during my schooling!!:P [not regretting it now]

rads said...

lol! This is jogging some fine memories for me :D

I feel for S and P. They'd be scarred for the rest of their lives, and then they will go blog about it once they hit 40 :--p